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Academic Departments and Centers

Accounting Department

Gain the essential accounting knowledge and skills to manage, thrive and lead in virtually every area of business.

African and African American Studies Department

Celebrate the achievements of people of African descent and examine their pursuit of justice, equality and self-determination.

Art Department

Immerse yourself in creative expression shaped by technical skills, observation, community collaboration and innovative research.

Biology Department

Experience the epitome of hands-on biology in our labs, the 300-acre Guilford College Woods and around the world — from the North Carolina coast to Nicaragua and the Galapagos Islands.

Business Department

Prepare to thrive as an ethical leader distinguished by broad business competence and experience in creative problem-solving.

Center for Principled Problem Solving and Excellence in Teaching (CPPSET)

Practice the pursuit of Guilford’s Core Values as you engage in hands-on education and innovative research focused on real-world challenges.

Chemistry Department

Leverage hands-on, illuminating research and close collaboration with accomplished faculty into top graduate school placement and rewarding careers.

Computing Technology and Information Systems Department

Learn to be an innovative problem-solver as you gain hands-on experience in the complex, rapidly changing universe of CTIS.

Economics Department

Examine how the complex interplay of political, societal and financial forces shape and impact economic realities worldwide.

Education Studies Department

Become a well-rounded, highly competent and caring educator as you gain invaluable experience through peer group learning, field supervision and individualized advising from expert faculty.

English and Creative Writing Department

Discover the transformative power of words and the creative art of storytelling as you hone your writing skills with expert mentoring faculty who are award-winning authors, scholars and poets.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies Department

Find groundbreaking ways to address environmental and sustainability issues as you dive into collaborative projects, research, community-based learning, internships and more.

Geology Department

Gain rock-solid experience as you dig deep into earth matters past and present — including the complexities of climate change — with hands-on study that takes you all the way to Egypt.

Health Sciences Department

Prepare to excel in the ever-expanding field of health care with exceptional hands-on education in the health sciences that opens doors to prestigious graduate school programs.

History Department

Look through the fascinating lens of history to better see and understand today’s realities, as well as to anticipate tomorrow’s problems and possibilities, as they relate to our global society.

Integrative Studies Department

Integrate knowledge and insights from a customized combination of highly related and connected subjects to strengthen the relevance and versatility of the degree you earn.

Intercultural Engagement Center (IEC)

Join us in celebrating diversity and multiculturalism as we support the educational, spiritual, cultural, physical and emotional development of students of color and LGBTQQIA+ students.

International Studies Department

Engage in the most important issues of our time as you gain greater global awareness and understanding for the purpose of creating a more peaceful world.

Justice and Policy Studies Department

Get involved in the quest for a more just world as you examine criminal justice and policies through an interdisciplinary view and active community engagement in today’s most challenging issues.

Mathematics Department

Expand your mind as you learn to solve problems using widely applicable analytical and critical thinking that reveal math is about much more than mastering numbers — go figure.

Modern Language Studies Department

Create life-shaping connections as you learn to thrive in a highly competitive world through foreign language and cultural skills that set you apart.

Music Department

Make sweet music with a strong base in the liberal arts to help you hit the high notes of your education — benefitting from small classes and individualized instruction focused on active learning.

Peace and Conflict Studies Department

Study the relationship between personal and social change, structured modes of conflict resolution and creative nonviolent activism and spiritual foundations for peaceable living.

Philosophy Department

Uncover life-illuminating wisdom as you study the evolution of philosophy from ancient Greece to modern day, exploring the factors and forces that have shaped those views over time.

Physics Department

Experiment your way to success as you engage in eye-opening physics research customized to your interest and designed to give you the scientific inquiry and writing skills to excel after Guilford.

Political Science Department

Learn to be a responsibly engaged global citizen committed to positive change as you study government and policy while developing creative and collaborative problem-solving skills.

Psychology Department

Discover why people do what they do as you gain a sensitivity for what influences human behavior and develop rigorous habits of observation grounded in best clinical and laboratory methods.

Public Health

Apply concepts, research findings, and theories you learn during hands-on coursework as you're exposed to real-world challenges confronting public health professionals.

Religious Studies Department

Explore the mystery and meaning of our existence across cultures, societies and historical moments — and how it all relates to our present and future.

Sociology and Anthropology Department

Investigate and illuminate how societies are organized, how cultures are reproduced and how these processes shape individual identities.

Sport Studies Department

See sports in a new light as you study human movement and the ever-expanding exercise/sport industry offering rewarding careers in physical therapy, sport psychology and sport management.

Theatre Studies Department

Set the stage for your promising future as you engage in rigorous, professionally oriented training within the context of a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department

Examine the complexities of gender and sexuality through the various lens and influences of race, class, religion, nationality, and ability — while exploring possibilities for liberating social change.