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Your First Year Experience

You are here.

Every student's academic journey at Guilford begins with reflection, community building, and goal setting — actions that you take with the support and encouragement of your CAPE Adviser.

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Your adviser is here for you.

From day one, each student connects with their CAPE advisers, who guide them through their academic advising, career advising, and life exploration, and are the professors of their Reflection Seminar class.

Collaborative Quest

In addition to a traditional major, all Guilford students are guided to choose a customized set of courses that reflect their unique interests.

Learning to Speak UP

Speak UP is campus-wide effort is designed to improve students' public presentation skills while they learn how to advocate for others.

Wonder. Question. Initiate.

Your first course at Guilford, called "Initiate," takes place during your first three weeks on campus. It connects you with an interdisciplinary team of students, faculty, and staff to focus on:
  • Academic and co-curricular resources at Guilford
  • Who we are — Guilford College and its range of communities
  • The communities you and your peers are connected to
  • Values you aspire to have in class, in your communities, and at Guilford
  • Challenges involved with aspiring to and maintaining those values
You'll gain insight and skills related to:
  • Identifying your personal needs for intentional and group care
  • Listening and communicating in small teams and with larger audiences
  • Models of reflection and initial practice with academic reflection
  • Models of collaboration and initial practice with academic collaboration
  • The benefits of using reflective practices in academic and individual growth