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Guilford College COVID-19 Hotline — 336.316.2319

Learn more about how to use the hotline on the College's COVID-19 Information page.

The Stage Is Yours

Grow your passion for music, theatre, and art at Guilford College! Whether you like to sing, dance, or create masterpieces, there are many ways to express yourself and share your talents.

Majors and Minors

At Guilford, every student gets one-on-one interaction with professors. Learn more about the College's academic programs, which include music, theater, art, and creative writing.

Art Gallery

The Guilford College Art Gallery in Hege Library offers a wide variety of exhibits with its broad representation of periods, styles, and cultures.

Theatre Production Gallery

Take a peek at some of our past productions, including Godspell, Boeing-Boeing, and many more!

Student Media

We offer multiple ways for students to get involved in award-winning media, including a radio station, a newspaper, and a literary magazine.

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Contact Us

Drew Hays

Drew Hays

Associate Professor of Music

Kathryn Shields

Kathryn Shields

Associate Professor of Art/Associate Academic Dean

Cynthia Nearman

Cynthia Nearman

Assistant Professor of English

Robin Vest

Robin Vest

Associate Professor of Theatre Studies