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Guilford College COVID-19 Hotline — 336.316.2319

Learn more about how to use the hotline on the College's COVID-19 Information page.

Hege Library

Hege Library Academic Commons

The Hege Library Academic Commons is a symbol of Guilford's academic excellence and institutional distinctiveness in furthering innovation through collaboration. As a dynamic learning environment, it fosters a culture of scholarly exploration and experimentation, promotes creativity and innovation, and provides information and technology resources to advance Guilford's unique liberal arts experience.

Library and Learning Technologies

Collaborate, Create, Innovate

Hege Library is the cornerstone of teaching, learning, research, and scholarship at Guilford College.

Quaker Archives

The Quaker Archives acquires, organizes, preserves and makes available materials related to the history of Quakers and Guilford College.

Guilford College Art Gallery

The Art Gallery supports the academic endeavors of Guilford College by enhancing creativity, critical thinking, and visual literacy through art. For more information, contact or 336.316.2438.

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

ARC supports learners by offering new ideas, strategies and fresh insights into academic methods that work. For more information, contact Kelly Mongiovi, Director of the Accessibility Resource Center, at 336.316.2837. 

Learning and Writing Center

The Learning and Writing Center welcomes all learners, teaching them to be more effective and engaged scholars. For more information, contact Melissa Daniel, Director of the Learning and Writing Center, at 336.316.2200. 

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides a community for students who have demonstrated and are committed to achieving academic excellence. For more information, contact Professor of English Heather Hayton at 336.316.2397. 

Guided Discovery

Guided Discovery is holistic academic and career advising for all students. For more information or to discover your Guilford Guide, call 336.316.2187.

Global and Off-Campus Initiatives (Study Abroad)

Guilford believes in the value of study abroad experiences during which an international location becomes a hands-on learning laboratory for deep academic and cultural exploration.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Provides clear and effective learning feedback for Guilford College. For more information, contact Stephanie Hargrave, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, at 336.316.2499.

Faculty Development

The mission of faculty development is to support faculty in their work, particularly in their teaching. For more information, contact Director of Faculty Development and Associate Professor of Political Science Maria Rosales at 336.316.2164.

Research and Creative Endeavors (RCE)

RCE serves Guilford College in the pursuit and refinement of research initiatives within courses through independent mentored efforts and through the Guilford Undergraduate Symposium. For more information, contact Director of Research and Creative Endeavors and Professor of Biology Melanie Lee-Brown at 336.316.2421. 

Suzanne Bartels

Suzanne Bartels

Director of Hege Library and Learning Technologies

Gwen Erickson

Gwen Erickson

Quaker Librarian and College Archivist

Liz Wade

Liz Wade

Access and Information Services Librarian

Robin Weavil

Robin Weavil

Library Administrative Assistant