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Hands-On Learning

Getting Outside the Classroom

Putting what you learn in the classroom to work in the real world is at the heart of a Guilford education. And taking time to get outside of the traditional, formal classroom offers you the opportunity to further develop skills that will prepare you for success beyond college. No matter what you choose to study, you will:
  • Gain a broader perspective about your community through service and studying abroad.
  • Integrate learning with real-world experience through internships, undergraduate research, and creative endeavors like theater and creative writing.
  • Learn how to use Guilford’s seven Core Values to promote positive change in the world.

Opportunities to Apply Your Learning

Through a variety of challenging and transformative programs, Guilford will open your eyes to a world of possibilities and experiences. To learn more, explore the options below.

Guilford Undergraduate Symposium (GUS)

What is GUS?

Guilford’s Undergraduate Symposium (GUS) provides students an opportunity to showcase the original work they pursue in classes, senior projects and theses and at venues outside Guilford's campus. For more information, email

How do I submit a presentation?

GUS takes places each April. Registration opens early in the spring semester. 

What types of presentations are accepted?

  • Poster: Presenters will be provided with a 48-by-36-inch board and easel for displaying work.
  • Short talk: Each short talk is allotted 15 minutes in the schedule: 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions.
  • Exhibition: Any type of exhibition that requires space beyond that needed for a poster should be submitted under this category.
  • Performance: Music, poetry, dramatic reading and theater fall under this category. Performances will be allotted 20 minutes in the schedule.
  • Panel discussion: A panel discussion is a group of several presenters addressing a single topic. Each panel discussion is allotted 30 minutes in the schedule: 25 minutes for the presenters and 5 minutes for questions.

Is a summary required?

Yes. An abstract is due roughly two weeks before the symposium. It should be no more than 200 words and provide a brief description of your presentation for a general audience. It should contain your final title and the list of all authors/presenters. For more information, refer to the GUS Canvas.