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First-Gen at Guilford

Guilford College is excited to welcome and support first-generation college students (FGCS). Being the first to go to college and earn a degree is a big deal — and it deserves to be celebrated! The College's first-generation population is highly valued and includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It's also one of the fastest growing populations on campus.

Who Are FGCS? At Guilford College, you're a first-generation college student if neither of your parents have earned a four-year bachelor’s degree. You're still considered first-gen even if you have older siblings who have already attended and graduated from four-year colleges.

What Does FGCS Support Look Like at Guilford? Guilford is committed to increasing access to higher education for first-generation college students — and admission is only the first step. That's why Guilford is dedicated to helping first-gen students feel confident and connected to their college experience. This journey is new to students — and their families. The goal is to show first-gen students that they belong here, and that they're capable of accomplishing their academic and personal goals. The College's dedicated faculty and staff are here to help every student thrive and get the most out of their Guilford experience.

Where to Find Support

Guilford's first-get initiative seeks to build community and resources for first-gen students and allies. The College wants to celebrate students' identities, success stories, and their progress during their college years and beyond.
Staff from CPPSET hand out treats to first-gen students in front of King Hall.
First-Gen Ally Directory

Connect with first-generation faculty and staff on Guilford's campus.

Image that reads, First-Gen Proud
First-Gen Swag

Show your pride and support for Guilford's first-gen population! Visit Jose Jacobo in CAPE (found in Hege Academic Commons) to pick up your gear.

Two students (twins!) take a photo together on National First Generation College Day 2022.
Current First-Gen Students and Alumni

Take a look at what Guilford's current first-generation college students are doing across campus, as well as what  alumni have been up to since graduation.

Two students take a selfie with a large frame that reads, Guilford Celebrates First-Gen Students!
Get Involved on Campus

Guilford's faculty and staff are working hard to create exciting new first-gen initiatives! Check out the photos from National First-Generation College Student Day on Nov. 8.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Guilford's first-generation college student initiatives or would like to support these efforts, please contact:

Jose Jacobo, M.S.
CAPE Adviser

Jose Jacobo, wearing a gray blazer, blue shirt, and tie, sits indoors on a red chair.