Health and Safety

Health and Campus Safety

Guilford College has a public safety team dedicated to maintaining the peace and security of our campus at all times. Whatever your safety question or concern is, the answers are just a call or click away. We have no higher priority than the safety and wellbeing of our community and visitors.

We offer health-care services including treatment for illness, health and wellness education, psychological consultation and short-term counseling. All services are confidential and free to students.

Emergency Numbers

  • Campus Emergency: 911
  • Campus Information Desk: 336.316.2000
  • Counseling Center: 336.316.2163
  • Family Services of the Piedmont: 336.387.6161
  • Greensboro Police (non-emergency): 336.373.2222
  • Maintenance Emergency: 336.316.2909
  • On-Duty Public Safety Officer: 336.316.2909
  • Office for Campus Life: 336.316.2186
  • Public Safety Office: 336.316.2908
  • Residential Education and Housing: 336.316.2370
  • Student Health Services: 336.316.2194
  • 24-Hours Rape Crisis: 336.273.7273

Public Safety

The Public Safety Office provides continuous programming and support to keep safety and crime prevention awareness high among students and staff.

Counseling, Health and Wellness

Professional staff at the Student Health and Counseling Center help students maintain their well-being and cope with academic and social pressure, difficult personal circumstances or turning points in their lives.

Sexual Violence Prevention Information

Review our policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence and stalking.

Conflict Resolution Resource Center

The Conflict Resolution Resource Center (CRRC) at Guilford College offers an effective approach to resolving conflicts that inevitably occur among people living in a close community. Our style of conflict resolution is compatible with the Quaker tradition of understanding, listening and cooperation.

The CRRC is located in King Hall 227.

Phone:  366.316.2446


POM Personal Security Device

The “POM” is a one-touch communication device that provides students and staff with immediate access to campus security in case of an emergency. Public safety officers will receive your details and GPS location when you use POM to contact them.

Public Safety Contacts

William Anderson

William Anderson

Director of Public Safety

Rhonda Johnson

Rhonda Johnson

Public Safety Coordinator

Wellness Coordinator

Kristie Wyatt

Kristie Wyatt

Assistant Director of Accessibility Resource Center