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The Integrative Studies major allows students — who are guided by expert counsel — to define their own fields of concentration and to build coherent programs that center on their personal interests and aspirations. Along with a faculty adviser, students are responsible for developing an integrated concentration, which culminates in a substantial project during the final year.

These majors are based on Guilford’s emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, the Quaker recognition of the unique gifts of each person and the Quaker emphasis on the responsibility of each person in the search for truth. This focus creates a more broadly informed, experienced and marketable Guilford graduate.

Acceptance into the Integrative Studies program is an honor. The major requires additional work by the student and their faculty advisers and is best suited to students who work well on their own. A student must have a cumulative Guilford GPA of 3.25 or higher to apply.

Majors and Minors

  • Integrative Studies Major (A.B): Integrative Studies majors complete at least 48 credit hours (usually 12 courses, equivalent to a major and a minor) in courses that constitute a coherent field of study outside traditional departmental lines.

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Always Ready to Grow

Always Ready to Grow

Carson Risser '17 will study at the International Christian University in Tokyo. She's ready for the challenge, having dedicated her time at Guilford to studying other languages and cultures.

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Karen Tinsley

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