Financial Aid and Costs

Investing in You

With a focus on both personal and professional growth, a Guilford College education is an investment with limitless returns. Just look where it's taken our students. Of our recent graduates, 83 percent found employment or were admitted to graduate school within a year of graduation — that's 15 percent higher than the national average.

The value of Guilford also extends to affordability. Whether you're new to college, transferring to Guilford, or applying as a graduate student, we want to give you an extraordinary college experience that's kind to your budget. To achieve this, our team of financial aid experts works closely with you to create an aid package that best meets your needs. From scholarships and grants to work-study and loans, you have great options at Guilford to keep your goals well within reach.

File Today, Don't Delay!

FAFSA available Oct. 1

Guilford uses the FAFSA to help award scholarships, grants, and work study opportunities. Did you know that 100% of Guilford students who file the FAFSA receive additional aid? File now to maximize your rewards at Include Guilford’s school code of 002931.

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Monday, Nov. 11, 2019

You'll tour campus, meet with students, faculty, and staff, and have lunch in our recently refreshed Dining Hall. Plus, Admission and Financial Aid counselors will be available to answer questions. Register today — we're excited to meet you!

Guilford is coming to you!

Meet up with your Admission Counselor.

Guilford Admission Counselors are traveling across the U.S.! Enter your ZIP code to see who's going to be in your area, and when they'll be there. During these sessions you'll get to know your Admission Counselor and learn about life as a Guilfordian. You can also expect tips to help you get a strong start on your Guilford application. Feel free to bring along your parents and friends!

Scholarships, Grants, and Loans

You’re automatically considered for merit scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 annually when you apply for admission to Guilford.

Apply for Aid

Whether you're a high school, transfer, graduate, international or returning student, it’s easy to apply for financial aid and need-based grants. Just follow our simple steps and deadlines. By the way, our FAFSA school code is 002931.

Financial Aid Forms

Here are some forms you will need to fill out and return in order to secure your financial aid award.

Meet the Team

Wondering who to contact with your Financial Aid questions? Meet our team members, each of whom are dedicated to helping you find ways to pay for college.

Gain the 4-1-0 Advantage

Four Years, 1 Tuition, No Worries

That's right, your tuition will never increase at Guilford. So you can focus on learning, not finances, and you can build a financial plan with confidence.

Commitment to Affordability

97 percent of Guilford’s traditional first-year students receive financial assistance. Learn how you can do the same.

100% Get Aid

Talk about making college affordable! Our entire class of 2017 received scholarship money.

24,000 Hours

Members of Guilford’s highly selective Bonner Scholars Program, who are awarded $2,500 annually in stipends, collectively spend more than 24,000 hours each year volunteering in the community.

$23,032 Financial Aid Average

As our average financial aid package shows, Guilford is committed to giving you an exceptional education at an affordable price.

Tuition and Fees

As a new student coming into Guilford, you get the peace of mind knowing your tuition will remain the same for all four years. We also spell out every cost associated with your education so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Break It Down

From tuition and course fees to room and meal plans, here’s the break down of what it costs to attend Guilford.

Calculate Your Costs

Use our net price calculator to get an estimate of your financial aid and out-of-pocket costs associated with attending Guilford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tuition change if I add or drop courses?

Yes. Our Financial Aid counselors are available to answer any questions you may have before you add or drop a class.

If I withdraw from Guilford, will I get a refund?

Depending on when you withdraw, you may be eligible for a tuition refund. Contact the Office of the Registrar to learn more. In addition, contact the Office of Financial Aid to find out how withdrawing could affect your aid package.

When do I pay my tuition?

Fall semester tuition is due Aug. 15.

So what exactly am I paying for at Guilford?

Here's an explanation of all our fees.

  • Student Activity Fee is used to fund student organizations.
  • Orientation Fee is a one-time charge to help pay for Guilford orientation, alcohol education, meals and small group sessions.
  • Injury and Sickness is a fee for insurance through Guilford if you don't already have a plan. If you don’t want this insurance, visit and select “Guilford” to initiate the online waiver process. The waiver deadline is August 31.
  • Athletic insurance is required if you intend to participate in one of our NCAA athletic teams.
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Fee is automatically charged to your account at the beginning of the academic year. If you don’t require parking, then notify the Office of Student Accounts to have this fee waived.
  • Room and Board: Unmarried students under the age of 23 are required to live on campus and eat in our dining facilities. If you’re a local student, you can apply to live at home with your parents or guardians. Contact the Residential and Housing office to learn more.

More information about fees.

General Inquiries

Donna Stainkamp
Financial Aid Assistant

Last Names: A, L, M, S

Doug Campbell
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Last Names: B, I-K, R, T-Z

Antoinette Harris
Financial Aid Counselor

Last Names: C-H, N-Q

Jessica Skinner
Financial Aid Counselor