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Guilford College COVID-19 Hotline — 336.316.2319

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Friends Center

Nurturing Servant-Leaders

The Friends Center at Guilford College is a collaborative endeavor between the school and the Religious Society of Friends. Its mission is to provide programs that nurture servant-leaders both at Guilford College and in the wider community through activities that are grounded in prayer, informed by Friends’ faith and practice, nourished by worship and spiritual formation, and brought to fullness in Quaker community. The Quaker Life and Diversity Committee of the Guilford College Board of Trustees guides the Friends Center.

Quaker Leadership Scholars Program (QLSP)

Since 1992, more than 150 students have been a part of QLSP, which fosters spiritual growth, academic study and community involvement opportunities.

QLSP serves about 50 students in exploring Quaker history, testimonies, faith and practice; personal spiritual experience and growth; avenues of service; facets of leadership; living in community; and experiences through which the participants prepare to be of service in the Quaker community and beyond. For more information, contact Wess Daniels at 336.316.2445 or

Quaker History and Roots

Learn more about Guilford’s distinctive history founded by the Religious Society of Friends in 1837.

Campus Ministry

In 1990, Friends Center began Guilford’s first Office of Campus Ministry. Since then, morning, midweek and Sunday worship have been a part of campus life.

Visit the Friends Center on Campus

Learn about the history of the Friends Center at Guilford College, meet the staff, and find out how to visit them in person.


Years since the founding of QLSP in 1992


Percentage of the student body who are Quaker


Year that Guilford College was founded by the Religious Society of Friends

Contact Us

Wess Daniels

Wess Daniels

William R Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies

Aleks Babic

Aleks Babic

Director of QLSP

Evelyn Jadin

Evelyn Jadin

Multi-Faith Coordinator and Chaplain

Graham Lee

Graham Lee