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A Roaring Summer

My name is Amber Dubois and I had the amazing opportunity to work in the athletic media relations office at Towson University this summer. I am a senior from York, Pennsylvania, and I will be…


Small School, Big Dreams

Hailing from Sabha, Libya, with familial roots in Sudan, this international student appreciates Guilford as his “home away from home.” Having mentors, staying active and engaging with the community…


A Summer on Capitol Hill

Hi, I'm Colin Ganges '20. This summer I have had the distinct opportunity to be a legislative intern for Congressman Al Green on Capitol Hill.


An Internship That Delivers

It’s a quiet morning at the Magnolia Birth Center — there aren’t any clients today. And while quiet isn’t something the birth center always sees, comfort certainly is. The lobby, exam rooms and birth…


Pop! Whistle! Bang! Goes the Internship!

Elisabeth Marshall ’18 is getting an internship and a show as the Fun Fourth Festival Planning Intern with the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program, which centers on better preparing talented…


My Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Greetings from Chile! My name is Katie Claggett and I’m in my third year at Guilford College. My major is Sociology and Anthropology and my minor is English. When I’m on campus, I spend my time as a…


Every Campus a Refuge [VIDEO]

Every Campus a Refuge was founded in 2015 as a response to Pope Francis' call on every parish to host one refugee family. We are a non-profit program that provides best practices on how colleges and…


Social Movements, Mint Tea and Morocco

Hello friends! My name is Katie Claggett, and I'm in my third year at Guilford College. My major is Sociology and Anthropology and my minor is English! Besides my studies, I spend my time on campus…