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Beyond Friendly

Journeying Through Japan

Hello my name is Chelsea Sosa '21. I am now a senior and am double majoring in Sociology and East Asian studies with a minor in Japanese language.


Down Under in New Zealand

I had the life changing opportunity to travel to Whakatiwai, New Zealand, to study Ecology and Environmental Policy for the spring 2020 semester.


This Pilgrim’s Purpose

I had never ever left the U.S. in my entire life. In fact, I had never been anywhere other than the East Coast, so this was a whole new adventure for me.


Swept Away By Senegal

Salut! My name is Khassir, and I am currently a senior with a major in French and double minor in Biology and Art. 


Witnessing History in the Making

I have been extremely lucky to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain, through the organization Barcelona SAE, a Guilford affiliated program, during a historic time.


"Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland!"

Many people question my fascination with the German culture and language. Coming from a Puerto Rican household, what could possibly attract someone like me to a country on the other side of the world…


Taiwan Travels

Hello, my name is Xinxin Zhou, and I am an international student from China. I am a junior now and am double majoring in Political Science and East Asian Studies. During the fall semester 2018,…