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November 10, 2017

Gladly, Germany

Quinn Candelaria '20


I am Quinn Candelaria, a sophomore from Union City, N.J., currently taking my third semester at Guilford abroad in the Munich 2017 program. I am a Business Administration major with a German minor. After taking German in high school and again with David Limburg my first year, I felt the only path to continue my language education was to be immersed in the culture and language for an extended amount of time. Thankfully, enough people decided to come along as well this time, since the program did not have enough participants last year. I am glad for the group we have had, and I am deeply enjoying my time in this great country. 

I take four classes: my HP which is History of the Olympics with Lavon Williams; a Political Science course focused on German history and politics with Leo Brux; a German Film course with Andreas Rost, where we watch classic German film from its silent era to its post-war era; and lastly my 201 level German course with Barbara H., who helps us with developing our skills by speaking with us in German. 

I find there are times, like back on campus, where I am a bit overwhelmed with work or feel some stress, but I know it is all within my ability if I apply myself to the task at hand. It is tempting to not do work and just go explore a new country, but that would be forgetting the study in “study abroad.” The classes and material are interesting, and all my teachers show honest care and interest in what they are teaching and want to help us learn. The class has dynamic conversations and at time humorous moments, which help us learn and develop connections. We have just finished midterms, so the semester is well on its way, and I am happy with my experience in the first half. 

Student Quinn Candelaria shares a photo of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

The group, only being eight, has gotten to know each other very well, and we all hang out frequently, whether it be going out to Munich after class or taking the train to each other’s houses and neighborhoods. Personally, I live at the Gutmanns in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, with Monika, Ralph and Luis (the mother, father and son who live in the house currently, even though they have four children whom I have met). I find myself studying, reading much more, hiking, riding my bike and working out if I find time, and hanging out with my friends as well as Luis’ friends since they are my age and attend University as well in Munich. 

Student Quinn Candelaria shares a photo of the Colosseum in Rome.

I have traveled to Austria for a Sunday hike and to visit Salzburg at the beginning of the trip; to Rome for an amazing, unforgettable weekend getaway with three other members of the group; to Berlin to begin my holiday; and currently I am visiting my father in London during most of holiday. When I return we have many research papers and presentations due back to back in the coming weeks, but I hope I still find time to enjoy Germany and experience something new. 

Anyone who wishes to distance themselves from their routine in America should think about studying abroad to travel and immerse yourself in an uncomfortable new environment and learn how to adjust and, most importantly, grow. 

Auf Wiedersehen,
Quinn Candelaria ’20

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