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November 9, 2016

Securing the Future

What inspired a group of Honors Program students to create, plan and host TEDx Guilford, “Securing Our Future”? It’s simple — community.

Chemistry and Health Sciences double major Connor Huntwork ’17, who secured the TEDx licenses, was motivated by the synergy he felt at a TEDx event at Duke University.

“There was such great energy,” he says. “The ambiance felt safe, imaginative and powerful. I wanted to share that experience with my fellow Guilford students.”

Overcoming Challenges

A dedicated crew of students, alums, faculty and staff overcame various logistical and financial challenges while struggling to create and maintain momentum for TEDx Guilford.

All their hard work paid off on Nov. 6 when an array of inspiring speakers including current students, faculty, alums, and community leaders shared insights about such topics as sustainability, community development, medical research, social entrepreneurialism, educational reform, social justice, bearing witness and speaking truth.

Employable Skills

According to faculty mentor and Honors Program Director Heather Hayton, “Almost everyone involved learned things or challenged themselves in many ways. Speakers, volunteers and organizers all learned new skills they will take with them after TEDx.”

Student organizers gained valuable hands-on experience in communication, leadership and teamwork — skills employers are looking for in new hires.

Computing Technology and Information Systems major Yves Dusenge ’16, who built the TEDx Guilford website and spoke at a session entitled “Building a Better Future Beyond Borders,” emphasized the necessity of effective teamwork.

“An important lesson I’ve picked up is learning to work within a teamwork framework,” he says, “and I learned that making sure everybody is engaged is crucial to achieving end goals.”

TEDx Guilford was sponsored by the Honors Program, the Center for Principled Problem Solving and the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, with additional funds provided by Community Senate.

Getting real-world experience, like planning this TEDx Guilford event, is essential to the learning process at Guilford College. Want to find out about experiential learning opportunities in your areas of interest? Schedule your individual visit today.