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News and Events

April 26, 2021

IEC presents: Microaggressions training

Microaggressions Training: Join the students of the Multicultural Leadership Scholars Program of Guilford College for a training on microaggressions and how to combat them. Co-sponsor: MLSP …


April 1, 2021

IEC presents Liberation Space LGBTQIA Training

Liberation Space LGBTQIA Training: Liberation Space Training (AKA Safe Zone) engages in rich discourse about the histories and experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities. Gain language and…


March 18, 2021

IEC presents: Antiracism Training

Antiracism Training: Training covers systemic oppression, historical antecedents and modern-day manifestations of racism, 5 levels of oppression, white supremacy & tools to combat them…


February 25, 2021

IEC presents: Outdoors While Black

Outdoors While Black: Add your voice to this timely discussion. What negotiations must people of color make when navigating the outdoors? How can these spaces of trauma serve as healing spaces? …