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Escaping the Classroom

When Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies Robin Vest planned her Experience Design seminar for fall 2019, she knew she had an unconventional goal: Stand in front of the room and talk as little as…


January 20, 2020

Women & Non-Binary Student Association Meeting

Are you interested in feminism or gender quality? Join the Women and Non-Binary Student Association! The WNBSA aims to address the issues that people with marginalized identities face and create a…


January 31, 2020

Training: Critical Race Theory & White Fragility

The Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism training will incorporate Critical Race Theory (CRT) & White Fragility (no prior knowledge required). Training will provide an examination of historical and…


Have Your Art and Science, Too

Art major Grace VanFleet ’17 is taking her love of art and mixing it with science – library science that is. This fall, she entered the Master of Science in Library Science program at UNC…


January 23, 2020

Visit by Mohit Raj, Founder of TYCIA, India

Mohit will share his experiences working within the criminal justice system in India. One of the key aims of his organization is to improve the quality of life and employability of the 18-21 year-old…