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News and Events

Presidential Leadership Succession Update

The search for Guilford’s next President continues with important developments on a number of fronts. Today we are providing an update on applications, sequencing of events on our open-ended timeline…


Cultivating Her Calling

Since graduating two years ago from Guilford College, Robin Bigaj ’19 has navigated a long and winding road as she searched for direction. Before finding it, she experienced a variety of occupations…


Sculpting a Career

Guilford inspired New Jersey native Natalia Petkov ’16 to pursue the study of art and open her mind to all the possibilities it contains.


Animal Advocate

The veterinary aspirations of Kaylee Zabava ’21 began, literally, from Day One. “When I was born, my family actually had three dogs at one time,” she says.


Cultivating a Community

Hsar “Ree Ree” Wei ’21 was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. Fleeing oppression, her family emigrated to the United States in 2006. Ree Ree chose to study at Guilford College because of its…


Early Riser

Hannah Preston ’21 recently surprised herself. She discovered that because of her hard work the past three years she’d be graduating a year early. As unexpected as it was, the Public Health and…


Doubly Qualified

Awatif Oumar ’21 says she couldn’t imagine majoring in anything other than Business, but there was more in store for her.


An Element of Fun

Two weeks before graduation and Don McTaggart ’21 was on “on cloud 9” — with good reason. The Chemistry major with minors in Math and Computing, Technology, and Information Systems has much to…