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March 14, 2023

Alumni Forge New Partnership with Guilford

The new venture brings together the College and a group of Guilfordians committed to growing Guilford through alumni engagement. 

A partnership between Guilford College and a group of dedicated alumni will ensure that the strong, independent voices of Guilfordians are heard and that alumni leaders continue to help move the College forward.

The Alumni and Friends of Guilford College (AFOG) was founded in 2021 by alumni who graduated from 1950 to 2014 with a long-running service and commitment to the College. In 2022, the grassroots movement Save Guilford College merged with AFOG. (Read more about Save Guilford College’s evolution here.) 

In October 2022 AFOG and the College agreed to a Cooperation & Operating Agreement that is being piloted in the 2022-23 academic and fiscal year. It is scheduled to be assessed in October.

“Having positive, productive, and mutually beneficial relationships between Guilford and its alumni is not only an objective of the College but essential to its well-being now and in the future,” said LaDaniel Gatling II, Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations. “The College appreciates the Alumni & Friends of Guilford College for their commitment to one another and their Alma Mater."

Esther Hall '74 says alumni are Guilford’s most enthusiastic champions. "We have embraced its mission at work in our lives and embody the outcomes the College promotes," she says. "Alumni engagement is critical to building and maintaining a strong community to continue supporting the College.” 

“There is no one-size-fits-all Guilford experience so it's not surprising the idea of an independent alumni organization took root,” she says. “Alumni and Friends of Guilford grew out of a collective commitment to ensure the continuation of the values and educational practices established by the Society of Friends in 1837.”

In addition to AFOG, the Black Alumni of Guilford College (BAGC) continues to work to engage alumni of color and provide support to students through mentoring and scholarship assistance.

The current steering committee of AFOG includes past presidents of the Board of Directors of the Guilford College Alumni Association and leaders of the Save Guilford College movement.

AFOG’s mission is to represent the independent and diverse voices and perspectives of Guilfordians; to promote appropriate nonprofit activities which may include fundraising, curating programs of interest to alumni, and establishing networks among the membership; to assist Guilford College’s staff and faculty in their outreach and engagement activities; and to support the College's evolving initiatives under the leadership of President Kyle Farmbry.

Since its founding in 2021, AFOG has established an organizational structure, secured 501(c)(3) status, and formalized its relationship with the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations via the Cooperation & Operating Agreement. AFOG also has served as the fiscal agent for other alumni infinity groups by supporting their e-commerce activities for student scholarships.

AFOG has supported on-campus activities as well, including Staff Appreciation Week in 2021 and helping support the return of the live Annual Holiday Concert in 2021 and 2022. In November 2022, AFOG members spearheaded a gathering to honor the life and vision of former President Bill Rogers, along with an opportunity to envision Guilford’s future by contributing Envisioning Guilford 2027, the College's strategic plan.

In addition, AFOG has supported many of Kyle’s initiatives around enrollment and career mentoring. The Guilford Admissions Ambassadors Network (GAAN) mobilized alumni in key markets last year to support the Admissions Office in recruiting and welcoming new students to campus. Finally, alumni have been working with staff in Career, Academic, and Personal Exploration (CAPE) to support current students and recent graduates as they navigate their careers and employment.

On Saturday, March 18, alumni volunteers will help carry out a Celebration of Community that includes the installation of Kyle as Guilford’s President. The Alumni House will be used as a Welcome Center for all who attend the event, and AFOG hopes to take this in-person meeting opportunity to welcome alumni to campus, and identify new leaders for the future. 

Membership in AFOG is open to all with an affinity to the College: students (past and present) and their families, faculty and staff, and other community members can join here. Regardless of your relationship to Guilford, there is a home for you among your fellow Guilfordians. Contact for more information.