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Gain the 4-1-0 Advantage

Few things in life are as important as a quality college education. Guilford's goal is to provide accessible and affordable excellence that gives you an exceptional and lasting return on your investment.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 4-1-0 tuition advantage — four years, one price, no worries. That's right, your tuition will never increase at Guilford. That's so you can focus on learning, not finances, and you can build a financial plan with confidence.

Do you need help paying for college? Check out this Financial Aid Checklist for the steps you need to take to apply for financial aid. (It's also available for download.)

Costs for First-Year Students (Including Transfers), 2020-21

Prospective students age 23 or older, please visit the Continuing Education Program page for tuition and fee information.

2020-21 Tuition for First-Year Students (Including Transfers)
Full-Time $19,700 per semester
Other Tuition Rates
Part-Time $1,085 per credit hour
Audit (part-time students only) $110 per credit hour

Other Attendance Costs

Residence hall room, double occupancy $3,000 per semester
Residence hall room, single occupancy (limited availability) $4,400 per semester
Room, Apartments North (transfer students only) $4,800 per semester
Room, Apartments South (transfer students only) $4,800 per semester
Room, Apartments East (transfer students only) $4,800 per semester
Room, Apartments East, Double Occupancy (transfer students only) $3,800 per semester
Meal Plans
Quaker 19: 19 meals per week $3,100 per semester
Quaker 19 Plus: 19 meals per week, plus $100 Quaker Cash $3,200 per semester
Quaker 14: 14 meals per week, plus $200 Quaker Cash $3,100 per semester
Quaker 10: 10 meals per week, plus $200 Quaker Cash $2,400 per semester
100 Block: 100 meals per semester, plus $100 Quaker Cash (apartment residents only) $1,100 per semester
2020-21 Fees For First-Year Students (Including Transfers)
Activity Fee $190 per semester
College Fee $170 per semester
Parking Free
Orientation Fee $200
Traditional full-time (UnitedHealthcare)* $2,042
Traditional fall study abroad (UnitedHealthcare)* $2,042
Student athlete (mandatory)* $375

* Prices subject to change.

Additional Information

Cost of Attendance

When estimating your cost of attendance, take into account both direct and indirect charges. Guilford provides students the following information to assist in making informed decisions about their future and provides a baseline from which they may begin to budget, plan, and prepare. Always borrow conservatively.

Direct costs are billed to your student account and include tuition, on-campus housing, food, and any applicable fees like the student activity fee or College fee.

Indirect costs are additional expenses you need to consider that are not charged to you by the College. These costs of living include books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation, and off-campus housing, if applicable.

Direct Charges On Campus Off Campus With Relative
Tuition 39,400 39,400 39,400
Fees 920 920 920
Housing 6,000    
Food 6,200    
Total Direct Charges 52,250 40,320 40,320
Indirect Cost Estimates      
Food   6,200 4,800
Off-Campus Housing   6,000 1,000
Books and Supplies 1,270 1,270 1,270
Personal Expenses 1,500 1,500 1,500
Transportation 1,630 1,630 1,630
Loan Fees 60 60 60
Total Indirect Costs 4,460 16,660 10,260
Grand Total 56,980 56,980 50,850

Please note: The above figures are estimates for enrollment for fall and spring and may not reflect actual charges from Guilford. 

Tuition Adjustments

Subject to the approval of their adviser, students may add or drop courses during the first week of classes. For students reducing their course load to fewer than 12 credit hours through the last day to drop classes without a grade, their account will be adjusted such that they will be billed per credit hour. If this credit-hour reduction results in the student no longer being eligible for financial aid requiring half-time or full-time enrollment for the term, the applicable financial aid will be reduced or canceled in accordance with state and/or federal requirements. However, no adjustment of charges will be made after the last day to drop classes without a grade. Adjustments are determined based on the date the withdrawal/drop form is received by the Office of Registrar and Student Accounts, where all course changes must also be completed.

Withdrawal From the College

Students who completely withdraw from the College may be eligible to receive a partial refund of tuition and room and board. All refunds are paid to the student. If the withdrawal results in the student no longer being eligible for financial aid requiring half-time or full-time enrollment for the term, the applicable financial aid will be reduced or canceled in accordance with state and/or federal requirements. A refund schedule for complete withdrawal may be obtained from the Office of Registrar and Student Accounts. Withdrawal petition forms must be obtained from and returned to the Office for Campus Life. A request to the Office of Registrar and Student Accounts for a transcript of credits is not considered a notice of withdrawal from the College and is also not considered a cancellation of room and/or board reservations.

Explanation of Fees

  • Deposit: $250 non-refundable payment required of all new students prior to their enrollment.
  • Orientation Fee: one-time charge for all first-year and transfer students to provide funding for Guilford orientation, alcohol education, meals and small group sessions.
  • Student Activity Fee: charged to all students to fund the student organizations in which all students may participate or from which they receive benefits.
  • Injury and Sickness Insurance: This is the current premium for a basic student insurance policy. Details of this policy are subject to change annually. If this insurance coverage is not desired, students or parents must complete the online insurance waiver process with UnitedHealthcare before August 31. The charge for student health insurance will remain on the student’s account if this insurance waiver petition is denied. Contact the UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company at 800.237.0903 or email for more information. International students attending Guilford College full time are required to carry for the duration of the academic year a basic sickness and accident/major medical coverage provided by a U.S.-based insurance carrier. Students not wishing to accept Guilford’s insurance must present prior to check-in appropriate evidence of coverage with a U.S.-based insurance carrier.
  • Athletic insurance: required of all students participating in intercollegiate athletics.
  • Electronic Waiver Process: All student accounts are billed for the current student insurance premium. If this insurance coverage is not desired, please visit UnitedHealthcare to initiate the online waiver process. This electronic waiver petition process must be completed and approved by Aug. 31 for the insurance premium charge to be removed from the student’s account.
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Fee: automatically charged to all student accounts at the beginning of the academic year. If parking is not desired, students must notify the Office of Registrar and Student Accounts to have this registration fee waived. The Motor Vehicle Registration waiver form must be completed to request this waiver.
  • Returned Check Charge: Returned checks are re-deposited one time unless we are notified otherwise. A handling fee will be charged to the student’s account each time a check is returned due to insufficient funds or for other reasons. This policy applies to all checks written to Guilford College.
  • Room and Board: Guilford College is primarily a residential campus and unmarried students are required to live on campus and eat in the College dining facilities. Local students may apply to live at home with their parents or guardians by completing the Off Campus Application and submitting it to the Office for Campus Life. Students not approved to live off-campus who have not completed a housing application will be assigned campus housing and required to pay all related charges.
  • Tuition Overload Charge: charge for each credit hour the student’s course load exceeds 18 credit hours. This does not include special course fees. This overload charge is adjusted for extra credit hours for private music lessons or to students on the Dean’s List for the previous three semesters.

Apply for FAFSA

Whether you're a high school, transfer, graduate, international or returning student, it’s easy to apply for financial aid and need-based grants. Just follow our simple steps and deadlines. By the way, our FAFSA school code is 002931.

Scholarships and Grants

You’re automatically considered for merit scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 annually when you apply for admission to Guilford.

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