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Religious and Spiritual Life

Seeking Meaningful Connections

Guilford College is a welcoming campus where people of all faith and non-faith expressions are welcome. Students are encouraged to explore their spirituality on a personal level as well as from an academic point of view. Various religious groups have a presence on campus and we offer Religious Studies as a major and minor.

While Guilford was founded by the Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1837, we are a school without denominational requirements. Quakers emphasize the direct connection to God in their lives, believe in the spiritual equality of women and men and acknowledge the “light of God” in all people. Our Quaker roots are reflected in the campus culture. For instance, it’s customary to have moments of silence before gatherings, decision-making by consensus and opportunities for interfaith worship.

Students have a wide range of ways to pursue their spiritual interests.

  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Catholic Campus Ministry
  • Episcopal and Protestant Ministry
  • Guilford Christian Ministry
  • Chavurah (Jewish student group)
  • Muslim Student Association

  • Quaker Leadership Scholar Program

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Getting By With the Help of Our Friends

What is Friends Center at Guilford College? Is it only for Quaker students? Of course not! It’s for everyone — just like Guilford is for all of us. Learn more about this program that supports Guilfordians on campus — and beyond.

Friends Center staff standing out side; from left are Liz Nicholson, Meagan Holleman, and Wess Daniels

Archive photo of a surveying class.
Quaker Studies: The Living Quaker Tradition

Guilford College is rooted in the practices of Quaker testimony. Learn more about our rich history and contemporary examples of how we strive to uphold our values.

The sun sets behind trees filled with green leaves surrounding Archdale Hall.
Religious Studies

Guilford College offers academic programs that examine religion’s impact on local, national and global communities.

Eric Mortenson's religious studies class outside in front of Dana Auditorium
Multifaith Collaboration at Guilford

The Guilford College Interfaith Leadership Council (ILC) is a cooperative endeavor, representing different faith perspectives and traditions, within the College that works in close partnership with the Friends Center.

Photo of the outside of the Friends Center.
The Friends Center

The Friends Center at Guilford College is a collaborative endeavor between the school and the Religious Society of Friends. Its mission is to provide programs that nurture servant-leaders both at Guilford College and in the wider community.

Contact Us

Wess Daniels
Wess Daniels

William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center

Meagan Holleman
Meagan Holleman

Multi-faith Coordinator & Chaplain

Liz Nicholson
Liz Nicholson

Director of QLSP -Quaker Leadership Scholarship Program