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August 16, 2023

New Employees Since Last Fall Listed

Guilford College has welcomed a host of new employees across various departments. They are strong additions to our vibrant community!

The following employees have joined Guilford College since last fall:

President’s Office

Ayesha Coleman Swinton, Director of the Office of Transformation & Inclusion
D Summers Jr., Director of Hospitality and Special Events
Lou Anne Flanders-Stec, Senior Executive Director of Innovation & Engagement
Pius Illah, International Presidential Fellow
Sam Roth, Community Engagement Fellow

Provost’s Office

Student Affairs
Clarissa Marshall, ARC Case Manager
Lisa Cook, Assistant Director of OSLE
D’Angelo Gillam, Student Activities Coordinator
Asia Watkins, Assistant Coordinator of Student Health & Counseling
TeAsia Gist, Community Director
Charles Hoover, Community Director
Tinyah Ervin, Community Director
Michael Crawford, Public Safety Coordinator
Raven Brown, Public Safety Officer                            
Vincent Chisholm, Public Safety Officer                    
Quanesha McCain, Public Safety Officer                    
William Wallace, Public Safety Officer

Academic Affairs

Cathryn Bennett, Director of Study Abroad/International Student Advisor
Colwyn Hollett, Graduate Assistant
Gracie Meyer, Presidential Fellow
Deymeris Zambrana-Soler, CAPE Advisor
Jonathan Howle, Learning Design & Development Technologist
Kelsey Philbrick, Music Services Fall 2022
James Boykin, Part-Time Faculty for English                                
Elizabeth McNamara, Part-Time Faculty for Political Science                    
Anna Holleman, Part-Time Faculty for Sociology
Matt Phillips, Part-Time Faculty for Writing
Max Baynes, Part-Time Lecturer for Art
Nancy Green, Part-Time Lecturer for Art
Christine Kosiba, Part-Time Lecturer for Art
Alexandra Litaker, Part-Time Lecturer for Art                                
Neeraj Sebastian, Part-Time Lecturer for Art                                
Salwa Ahmad, Part-Time Lecturer for English                            
Shawn Delgado, Part-Time Lecturer for English                            
Philip Tiejen, Part-Time Lecturer for English                                
Michael Nichols, Part-Time Lecturer for Math                        
Logan Butler, Part-Time Lecturer for Music                                
Julio Jeri, Part-Time Lecturer for Music                                
Katie Allegro, Part-Time Lecturer for Physical Education                        
Alton Harrell, Part-Time Lecturer for Physics                                
Jacob Hauk, Part-Time Lecturer for Spanish                                
Lizely Lopez, Part-Time Lecturer for Spanish                            
Michael DeGeorge, Part-Time Lecturer for Sport Studies                        
Terri Feil, Part-Time Lecturer for Sport Studies                            
Carl Bradford, Part-Time Lecturer for Sports Studies                        
Phoebe Snyder, Part-Time Lecturer for Sustainable Food Systems                    
Emily Rieder, Part-Time Lecturer for Theatre                                
Colin Cutler, Part-Time Lecturer of English    
Noor Ghazi, Program Director, Training & Support for ECAR
Samantha Roth, Project Coordinator/Research I
Kristen McManus, Registrar
Sydney VanLare, Provost’s Office Assistant
John Wampler, Theatre Technical Director
Catherine Bowlin, Visiting Assistant Professor for English
William Hatchett, Visiting Assistant Professor of Business and Accounting
Holly Peterson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Terry Rolfe, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Benjamin Romero Salado, Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish Studies
Blair Brown, Transcript and Information Specialist
Kylee Crook, Bonner Coordinator
Jennifer Urdaneta-Cassoma, Bonner Fellow
Kimberly Mayes, Spring ’23 Independent Studies

Advancement & Alumni Relations

Delaney Nightingale, Presidential Fellow
Rick Lancaster, Director of Development for Strategic Engagement
Chloe Pope, Presidential Fellow

Enrollment & Financial Aid

Alejandra Valle Garcia, Admission Counselor
Grace Calus, Presidential Fellow

Communications & Marketing

Aziz Peregrino-Brimah, Digital Content Manager
Lydia Saunders, Presidential Fellow

Administration & Finance

Colina Barnett, Accounts Payable Accountant
Julius Burch, Presidential Fellow
Victor Hernandez, Groundskeeper
Fabio Rinaldi, Groundskeeper
Miranda Durham, Housekeeper
Daniel Smith, Housekeeper
Elsy Sorto, Housekeeper
Karen Taylor, Housekeeper
Jim Kane, Senior Applications Analyst Programmer
Elijah Dixon, Student Accounts Specialist & Cashier
Reggie Dillard, Part-Time Floor Technician


Michael Boyd, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations
Brandon Baker, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Justin Thirtyacre, Assistant Football Coach
Jason Little, Assistant Women’s Rugby Coach
Sarah Gibson, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Aaron Fernandez, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Keegan Maxwell, Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Jimmy Lamour, Assistant Track & Field Coach
Allen Smith, Men’s Golf Coach
Brooks Doughtie, Women’s Swimming and Triathlon Coach
Christine Newcomb, Women’s Rugby Coach
Kevin Scola, Track & Field and Cross County Coach
Charissa Duncan, Assistant Softball Coach
Jackson Garrett, Assistant Football Coach