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October 3, 2018

Master’s Program Offers Discount

In fall 2017, Guilford announced the launch of a Master’s in Criminal Justice. And shortly after the 2017-18 academic year came to a close, the College announced that uniformed police officers would receive a tuition discount for the program. 

Now, that discount is expanding to include sworn and non-sworn criminal justice personnel. 

“We’ve received approval to expand our discount to include a broader variety of criminal justice professionals: parole officers, probation officers, those working in the court system, corrections officers and more,” explains Will Pizio, Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the master’s program. 

While the program has obvious benefits for those already established in their careers, undergraduate students can use a master’s to gain valuable skills and credentials, helping them start off their professions on a stronger note and leading to higher salaries and increased opportunities for advancement. 

The program has seen a successful first year, and Will excitedly anticipates its first cohort of graduates this December. 

“That’s one of the unique advantages of this program. It’s three semesters and one summer class when taken full time,” he says. Five of the nine students are graduates of Guilford’s undergraduate programs. 

The Master’s in Criminal Justice focuses on practical, informed and conscious approaches to problem-solving in the world of criminal justice. 

“Many programs just say, ‘Here, take these classes.’ That’s not us. We want to equip our graduates with the skills to go back into their jobs — or out into this profession for the first time — ready to address the issues they see in their departments.” 

Interested in committing your career to solving real world problems in the criminal justice profession? Learn more about the Master’s in Criminal Justice. Interested in supporting Guilford’s master’s program? Learn more about the support you can offer through scholarships.