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Embracing Diversity

Guilford College is a diverse and accepting community of people from every corner of the country and world. As stated in our Core Values, we're welcoming of all cultures and beliefs. We also strive to create opportunities for people to share their views, ideas, and perspectives. Much of this is done through a variety of programs, initiatives, and events that raise diversity awareness both on and off campus.

The Black History Month Planning Committee smiles for the camera!
Intercultural Engagement Center

Through various programs, events, and clubs, the Intercultural Engagement Center strives to spread diversity awareness throughout the Guilford community.

Black Women Speak panelists share their insights and experiences of what it means to be a Black woman.
Valuing Diversity

Diversity and equality are such important elements of the Guilford experience that they are two of our Core Values.

49% of the 2020 Class

Nearly half the class of 2020 are students of color, making it the most racially diverse class ever at Guilford.

75+ Countries and Cultures

You can explore the world in our study abroad program, which is among the 25 best in the nation, according to College Rank.

$1,500 Awarded

This is how much Guilford's Principled Problem Solving Scholars are awarded each semester for their work to address complex social issues.

Africana CHANGE

Through cultural, artistic and educational programming, this program empowers young African Americans to reach their fullest potential in their careers and communities.

Student Success and Achievements

Enrich your educational experience at Guilford by helping in programs that provide opportunities to those facing social, political and economic barriers.

Bonner scholars paint with children at Glen Haven on Day of Service.
Giving Back

Lend a caring hand by teaching English to non-native speakers, tutoring refugees or helping students in underserved communities get into college.

A group of ECAR volunteers. Photo by Kat Miller ’16.
Every Campus a Refuge

Founded by a Guilford faculty member, the nationally recognized Every Campus a Refuge program encourages colleges across the country to provide shelter and support to at least one refugee family.

Soy Un Lider attendees wearing red shirts take a big group photo in Dana Auditorium.
Soy un Lider

This daylong conference hosted by Guilford provides resources and college application assistance to members of the international community.