Jumpstart Your Legal Career

Guilford College partners with Elon University Law School to create an accelerated pathway for students interested in pursuing legal careers.

The program provides motivated, talented students the opportunity to save time and money by starting law school at Elon after their junior year at Guilford, substantially reducing costs and expediting career starts.

Elon Law considers applications from exceptionally well-qualified Guilford students who have completed all required courses but still need credits to graduate. Once admitted, you can enroll at Elon Law and begin earning credits toward a law degree. Appropriate credits earned at Elon Law can be transferred to Guilford to complete your bachelor’s degree and allow you to graduate with your Guilford College class.

Hands-on Learning

There are many valuable paths that lead to a rewarding legal career. Your Guilford education will be greatly enhanced by internships, study abroad, undergraduate research and service learning that make you more practiced and broadly immersed in critical thinking and problem-solving — essentials for any legal career.