An English Excursion

In the midst of royalty at the Buckhingham Palace. Studying abroad is exhilarating. It is a rush of sensation, awareness, insight and internal growth, and despite my relatively short sojourn of…


An Internship That Delivers

It’s a quiet morning at the Magnolia Birth Center — there aren’t any clients today. And while quiet isn’t something the birth center always sees, comfort certainly is. The lobby, exam rooms and birth…


Root Words

There are many exciting things about joining a college campus. One of those is that every college has its own lexicon. This list is sure to help you talk the talk and walk the Guilford walk. 


Guilford College Senior Beatriz Caldas '18

This spring, Guilford is graduating another distinguished class of difference-makers. They know what it means to live out the College's seven Core Values of community, diversity, equality, excellence…