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Student Health Insurance FAQ

Guilford College requires all full-time traditional undergraduate and international students to be covered by medical insurance both to protect against unexpected high medical costs as well as provide access to quality care. Please be aware that many out-of-state insurance plans may not offer adequate coverage in the Greensboro area.
UnitedHealthcare Student Resources is the health insurance carrier for Guilford College traditional-age students for the 2021-22 academic year. This major medical plan meets the requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act in March 2012 and has gold plan designation.

Student Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Guilford require health insurance?

Many Guilford College students have adequate health insurance, but for those who do not, an injury or illness could be costly and could affect a student’s ability to remain in school and progress toward a degree. Students without health insurance or even insurance that is considered "out of network" often do not have access to needed specialty care, hospitalization, lab work, or prescription medications.

*All full-time undergraduate traditional aged students as well as, international students, are required to have health insurance.

What are the annual policy dates and rates for 2021-22?

The UnitedHealthcare policy’s annual coverage is effective Aug. 6, 2021 – Aug. 5, 2022. Spring coverage is Jan. 1, 2022 — Aug. 5, 2022.

Annual rate — $2,042.00

I already have health insurance. All students are billed upfront. How do I get this charge removed from my bill? How do I meet this requirement?

Students who have health insurance coverage must waive out every year while enrolled at Guilford College.

The waiver period will begin in mid-June and run through Aug. 31 (5 p.m.). *The link is only operational during this time. Students will receive waiver instructions and details in June with their fall billing statements.

To waive this requirement, go to and select “Guilford College” in the dropdown menu. On the following page you will scroll down and select “waiver”. When the waiver is submitted and approved between the active waiver period, the student’s account will be credited for the health insurance charge. You will need your current insurance card and your Guilford College ID number to complete the on-line waiver.

If a waiver is not submitted by Aug. 31 (5 p.m.) the charge on your student account will remain and cannot be removed.

Important: If you are covered by an existing comparable health insurance plan (i.e. through parent plans, family plans, or employer-sponsored plans, etc.) you are responsible for waiving out of the UHCSR plan by Aug. 31. You are also responsible for checking with your insurance to verify and understand coverage for student in the Greensboro area.
*Only N.C. Dept. of Health and Human Services Division of Medical Assistance (Medicaid) is accepted in North Carolina. All other states’ Medicaid (or equivalent) coverage is not accepted in N.C. so any student with out-of-state Medicaid must enroll in the college-offered UHCSR policy.

*International students are required to have either the Guilford offered policy or an equivalent USA based insurance policy.

My waiver on UHC has been denied even though I have health insurance. What do I do?

If the health insurance waiver on UHC has been denied, and if you have personal family health insurance coverage, and if you are confident that your health insurance is adequate to cover you here in Greensboro for the period Aug. 6, 2021, to Aug. 5, 2022, please provide us a copy of your insurance document and copy of your insurance card. Your name must be on the insurance documents. Please be sure to affix your Guilford College student ID number and full name on all documents forwarded to Student Accounts at or call 336.316.2541.

I do NOT have health insurance. What do I need to do?

All traditional students WITHOUT an existing health insurance policy:

  • Do nothing, electing the UnitedHealthcare StudentResource plan offered through Guilford (no action required). Eligible full time students are automatically charged the premium. If a full time student does not waive out by the Aug. 31 deadline, then the student is automatically enrolled with this insurance.
  • Purchase a comparable insurance plan of their choice and complete the waiver on-line by Aug. 31.
  • During the waiver period, go to and select “Guilford College” from the dropdown menu. On the following page, scroll down and select “enroll”. Complete this form and submit. UHCSR will send student an email explaining how to log on, create an account, and obtain a card. Please know that UHCSR does not send info by mail; communication is done via email to the student through their Guilford email account. Students must create their online account to manage their account/access their insurance card. They have a mobile application that students may access from their cell phones.

Can I purchase insurance from an outside agency? (Other than the plan provided by Guilford)

Yes. You can purchase health insurance from an outside agency/marketplace, however, the health insurance plan you purchase must be comparable to what Guilford offers; the Greensboro/North Carolina area must be considered "in-network." This must be done before the waiver period ends on Aug. 31.

Do I have to complete a waiver to verify my insurance each year?

Yes. All eligible students need to complete the online waiver to verify their insurance information yearly. If you do not complete the waiver during the waiver period, the charge will remain on the student’s account and the student will be automatically enrolled in the insurance plan. Visit and find Guilford College in the dropdown menu.

What happens when I graduate, acquire other comparable health insurance, need to discontinue coverage for the spring/summer or do not return to Guilford for the spring semester?

When a student graduates or leaves Guilford they are no longer eligible to receive services from our near-campus health-care provider, Eagle Physicians. However, depending on the situation, students may be able continue health insurance coverage (if they are already signed up) with the Student Health Insurance plan through August 5, 2022. You may contact Student Health Services (336.316.2194) about your specific situation.

Questions? Contact UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Customer Service at 1.800.767.0700 or

Is financial assistance available for the cost of the required health insurance?

Yes. For those who qualify, student and parent loans may be available. Please contact your Financial Aid counselor (336.316.2354) to see if you qualify.

What are the policy highlights for the plan Guilford offers with UHCSR for in-network (within 50 mile radius of Guilford College) providers?


  • 80% of Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses

Preventive Care Visits (Routine exams, immunizations, well-woman care and more)

  • 100% covered, no deductible


  • $250 per person, per policy year

Out of pocket maximum (Includes the deductible and co-pays)

  • $6,000 per insured person

Lifetime Maximum

  • There is no overall maximum dollar limit on the policy

Prescription drugs filled at a UHCSR In-Network Pharmacy co-pays (Unlimited benefits):

  • $15 Copay for Tier 1 (generic) for a 30 day supply
  • $35 Copay for Tier 2 for a 30 day supply
  • $60 Copay for Tier 3 for a 30 day supply

The policy also has a telemedicine service and a virtual Counseling Services program, both of which are free to insureds. *For complete information on the policy go to

If I do not have health insurance in the spring, can I purchase the plan Guilford offers from Jan. 1, 2021 – Aug. 5, 2022, even if I completed a waiver in the fall?

Yes. Eligible students may choose to start coverage in the spring by notifying Student Accounts at 336.316.2541 or

Is it possible to join the plan outside of the enrollment period?

It may be possible to join the plan within a 30-day period following a life-qualifying event. Examples of qualifying events include loss of coverage due to age, divorce/marriage, and termination of employment. If you have a question about joining the plan outside of the open enrollment period due to a qualifying event, please contact Susan Smith at 336.316.2163.

Additional Information

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