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Student Health Services and Counseling

On-Campus Student Health Services

Located on campus at 1203 Rachel Carson Court, Student Health Services provides many of the technical services students need when they arrive, such as the collection of immunization papers and prescription records from home. Students can also stop in at any time to ask basic medical questions and address any concerns.

While no actual medical services are provided by this office, our friendly staff will know where a student should go if there is a medical need. Many services provided at Eagle Physicians are free to our students. A list of covered services (no co-pay required) is available here.


Convenient Access to Full Medical Services

Guilford College provides convenient access to a full-range of expert medical services and care through our exclusive partnership with Eagle Physicians. Eagle offers services via a walk-in clinic across the street from campus, and appointments at their main clinic, a short walk from the residence halls on New Garden Road.

In addition to some services provided at no cost (see link above), Eagle accepts many insurance plans for treatment of more complicated issues or for testing not included in the list of covered services. Some of these services require an appointment. Students must present their Guilford College ID at check-in. It is important that students have a copy of their insurance card with them at school and that they have means (credit/debit/cash) to pay a co-pay or any charges that may be incurred due to an illness or testing not covered by our agreement with Eagle Physicians.

Eagle Walk-In Clinic

Eagle Physicians @ Guilford College (for scheduled and routine care)
1210 New Garden Road
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You will need to take your Guilford College Student ID and your medical insurance card with you when you go to either Eagle location.

Eagle Physicians After Hours Walk-In Clinic

New Location
5701 West Friendly Ave.
Greensboro NC 27410
336 852 1915
Hours: No appointment needed! Weekdays 11 a.m. to 7:45 p.m., weekends 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Emergency Care

After hours, contact your resident adviser (RA) or Public Safety for emergency procedures. In a true emergency requiring immediate assistance, call 911.

Local Hospitals with Emergency Facilities:

Health Insurance Requirements and Resources

Guilford College requires all full-time traditional undergraduate and international students to be covered by medical insurance that provides coverage in the Greensboro area.  We want students to be protected against unexpected high medical costs as well as have access to quality care. Please be aware that many out-of-state insurance plans may not offer adequate coverage in the Greensboro area.

Students should provide proof of insurance by including a front/back copy of their insurance card with their Immunization Form-Report of Medical History. In addition, students should always have a copy of their insurance card with them.

Guilford College does not offer a student insurance policy and students who are not covered under a parent/employer-sponsored policy or another comparable policy are directed to obtain an insurance policy through the ACA Marketplace. Students who are eligible for insurance in the ACA Marketplace may have access to health insurance through several means. All plans should meet the minimum standards as required by the Affordable Care Act.  Acceptable insurance plans may include coverage as a dependent on a parent or partner’s insurance plan. This may include your coverage in an employer-sponsored plan, state marketplace plan or other insurance plans. More information about eligibility in your state may be found at the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

Students who may need assistance with a temporary “bridge” plan until the next ACA open enrollment period may also consult independent insurers. Additional information about a “bridge” plan may be found at This is not a Guilford College endorsed plan but does provide options for students to consider. Note these plans are only meant to bridge coverage until the student can enroll in an ACA compliant plan during the open enrollment period and are not meant as a means of long term coverage.

International students must either provide proof of acceptable insurance or enroll in the student insurance policy that provides coverage in this area. If you are an international student and have questions about your eligibility for international insurance or requirements, please contact the Office of Global and Off-Campus Initiatives.

This requirement does not apply to Continuing Education (CE) or Early College (ECG) students.


Student Medical Care: Eagle Physicians

Guilford College partners with Eagle Physicians, a medical practice located adjacent to campus to provide quality evaluation and treatment of acute illness and injury to currently enrolled students. Student office visits are free of charge for most common illnesses. A list of covered complaints is here. There are charges for physicals, management of chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD or any non-contracted procedure. 

Students may be seen at Eagle for any of the contracted services, regardless of their medical insurance provider; however, students assume responsibility for all costs associated with health care not covered by our contract with Eagle Physicians.

Any charges incurred from referrals to an outside provider are the responsibility of the student. Most outside practices require students to provide verification of insurance prior to scheduling an appointment.  

Students may be seen at either of Eagle at Guilford College locations:

Eagle Family Medicine @ Guilford College
1210 New Garden Road
Greensboro NC 27410
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

An appointment is preferred unless you have serious or acute illness/symptoms. It is important that you identify yourself as a Guilford College student if you call for an appointment.

Eagle Walk-In Clinic
New Location
5701 W. Friendly Ave
Greensboro NC 27410
Phone: 336.852.1915
Hours: No appointment needed! Weekdays 11 a.m. to 7:45 p.m., weekends 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

You will need to take your Guilford College Student ID and your medical insurance card with you when you go.

If you have questions, please contact Student Health Services at 336.316.2163 or

Health Records and Insurance

Health Records

New Student Requirements

Completion of the immunization form is mandatory and must be completed by a physician. Students aged 23 and older should have their physician complete the adult student immunization form.

Prior to attending classes, each new student is required by North Carolina law to submit certification of immunization to the on-campus Student Health Services office, located at 1203 Rachel Carson Court.

These records, along with the Medical/Family history form may be mailed to us at: Guilford College Student Health Services 5800 West Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC 27410. You may also fax the forms in at 336.316.2184. If you have questions about immunizations or the health form, please call 336.316.2194.

International students are, in addition, required to have a physical and TB skin test. Students who fail to comply with this state law within 30 days of the start of the semester will be withdrawn from their classes.


Traditional students must have health insurance each semester. Please call Student Health Services at 336.316.2194 or Office of Student Accounts at 336.316.2541 or 336.316.2102 for questions regarding insurance. Please review your policy to ensure you are adequately covered (this includes the determination of PPO/HMO status and North Carolina coverage). More information and frequently asked questions about UnitedHealthcare Student Resources coverage are available online. Please call Student Health Services at 336.316.2194 or Office of Student Accounts at 336.316.2541 or 336.316.2102 or your insurance provider for questions regarding insurance and local plan coverage.

The Counseling Center

Located on campus at 1203 Rachel Carson Court, the Counseling Center provides confidential services at no cost to students. Services include psychological consultations, short-term counseling and crisis intervention. View our FAQ for answers to common questions about our services.

The Center’s staff is committed to helping students navigate the transitions and challenges of college life, including relationship concerns, feelings of anxiety or depression, alcohol or drug issues, concerns with food and body image, academic and social pressures, as well as other concerns.

The Counseling Center can be reached at 336.316.2163 and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for appointments or emergencies. If you are experiencing a psychological crisis and the Center is closed, please contact your Community Director, your RA, or call Guilford’s Public Safety office at 336.316.2911. They will assess your needs and can contact an on-call therapist for you.


Health Outreach and Wellness 

Health Outreach & Wellness program is an extension of the Guilford College Counseling Center. We aim to raise awareness about health and wellness issues, promote prevention tools and promote healthy behaviors. Health Outreach & Wellness provides educational resources and support for health and wellness related topics such as STDs/HIV education & testing, contraception/birth control, alcohol & other drugs, sexual health, gender & sexual identity, relationship health, unplanned pregnancies, off-campus health resources, personal health, stress, depression and anxiety, physical activity/exercise, sexual assault & relationship violence resources, and healthy eating/body image.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources

For questions or comments or to share health & wellness ideas, contact the Health Outreach Coordinator at 336.316.2323 or

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