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Vance Ricks Speaks at UNCG

Associate Professor of Philosophy Vance Ricks ’92 gave a talk entitled “Naked On the Internet: Ethics, Social Media, and (Self-)Exposure” at UNCG on April 8. …


What Do Faculty Do While on Study Leave?

Time away from campus allows faculty to do the kinds of research or learning they can’t normally complete with a full teaching schedule. English professor and director of the Honors Program, Heather…


Tim Lindeman Receives Award of Merit

Professor and Chair of the Music Department Tim Lindeman and his wife, UNCG Professor of Music (Voice) Nancy Walker, received the 2017 Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in the Progress of…


Diya Abdo Speaks at Weatherspoon Art Museum

Diya Abdo, associate professor of English, gave a POV (Point-of-View) Talk in connection with the exhibition “Zones of Contention: After the Green Line” at UNCG’s Weatherspoon Art Museum on Thursday,…