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Chemistry Department

Hands-on research, direct access to state-of-the-art facilities and close collaboration with faculty are key features of the Chemistry Department, leading Guilford students to achieve placement…



Philosophy develops reasoning, writing, listening and speaking skills, preparing you for success in graduate school or a career and for a more reflective life.


Philosophy Department

The term “philosophy” means “love of wisdom” in Ancient Greek. The Ancients understood wisdom as a good in itself and a path toward living well. Philosophy has the same goals as it did then, and it…


Music Department

The Music Department combines a strong liberal arts education with high standards for professional skills and musicality. Small classes and individualized instruction create a nurturing yet…


Art Department

Technical skills, deep observation, community collaboration and innovative research are hallmarks of Guilford's Art Department. …


Criminal Justice Master's

Analyze current practices in the criminal justice field and offer critical reflection to enhance your ability to address problems as they occur.