Discover Quaker Heritage and Spirituality

As a Quaker Studies minor, you’ll explore Quaker spirituality in relation to the world. You’ll also study Quaker history and social ethics to reflect on justice issues. This minor seeks to understand forms of systemic oppression in our time — sexism, racism, classism, militarism, religious imperialism and environmentalism — and how to transform them.

The minor enhances skills in thinking objectively, speaking and writing through analysis, criticism, imagination, textual interpretation, social problem-identification and problem-solving and self-reflective exploration. You will investigate the interrelated subtle aspects of individual selves, characteristics of a religious movement, large but obscured social systems and your own religious and ethical commitments.

Major/minor requirements and course descriptions are available in the online version of the Guilford College Catalog. Use the keyboard shortcuts Control F for PC or Command F for Mac to search the document for your program.