Inside the Human Mind

How do personality, culture, biology, gender and ethnicity affect perceptions and behavior?

The Psychology major and minor encourage students to make connections between personal experiences and psychological concepts and theories. For example, students enrolled in Introduction to Personality complete a comprehensive and integrative analysis of their own personalities using a number of theoretical approaches. Students enrolled in Environmental Psychology apply theories and research from behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology to develop interventions that will increase environmental responsibility on campus and beyond.

Guilford Psychology students gain incredible experience by conducting several independent research projects. These help students gain advanced competence in reviewing relevant relevant literature, developing a proposal, carrying out research, analyzing data and writing a final report. Some research projects have been the basis for departmental honors theses or have led to presentations at conferences and publications in psychology journals.

Graduates have attended top programs across the country, including physical therapy at Duke University and higher education administration at Vanderbilt University. Graduates of the Psychology program have excelled in varied careers, including an English teacher in Japan, a corporate recruiter and a data systems operator.

Major/minor requirements and course descriptions are available in the online version of the Guilford College Catalog. Use the keyboard shortcuts Control F for PC or Command F for Mac to search the document for your program.

Hands-on Learning

Guilford Psychology students have benefitted from high-impact internships at the following:

  • Horsepower Equine-Assisted Therapy Center
  • Vandalia Elementary School

  • Mental Health Association of Greensboro

  • Successful Transitions LLC