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Religious Studies and Ethics Department

Marius Pascale

Visiting Assistant Professor For Philosophy


Primary administrative duties include serving as the Co-Chair of Guilford College’s Ethical Leadership Foundation responsible for ethics bowl training, interviewing Ethical Leadership scholarship candidates, maintenance and development of interdisciplinary ethics events, coordinating educational and career opportunities for postgraduate ethics students, advising on potential certification programs, updating and coordinating ethics courses with diverse departments, and coordinating guest speakers. Added responsibilities include serving on grant proposal committees, student advising, independent study supervising, and development, proposal, and implementation on new course additions in Ethics and Sports/Sports Management, Health and Humanities, and Ethics and Public Health Administration.


University at Albany, Ph.D., 2016
University at Albany, Master of Art, 2015
Rider University, Bachelor of Art, 2010

Selected Scholarship

Too Close for Comfort: Art Horror’s Challenge to Distancing-Embracing Models of Pleasurable Discomfort in Evental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Intersections (Volume 10 April 2021).

Art Horror, Reactive Attitudes, and Compassionate Slashers in The International Journal of Applied Philosophy (Online August 2019, Print Volume 33 Issue 1 Spring 2019).

Morbidity and Morality: Semantics and the Ethical Status of Macabre Fascination in The Journal of Value Inquiry (Online December 2018, Print Volume 53 Number 4 December 2019).

Macabre Fascination and Moral Propriety: The Attraction of Horror in Contemporary Aesthetics (Issue 14, November 2016).

Courses Taught

Philosophy 100: Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 111: Ethics
Philosophy 110: How to Think Critically
First Year Seminar 100: Ethical Leadership
Philosophy 241: Ethics and the Digital World
Philosophy 244: Biomedical Ethics
Philosophy 242: Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 347: Philosophy of Law
Philosophy 250/350: Death, Horror, and Morbid Fascination
Philosophy 251/351: Ethics in Sports Management