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Residential Campus

Guilford College is a residential campus and, as such, requires all students age 16-23 to live on campus except those who meet specific exclusions as outlined in this policy.

Purpose/Reason for Policy: To clarify the college’s expectations for on campus residence for all student populations [excerpted from Residential Contract 2017-18, p. 1]

Scope/Covered Persons:  

  • All students: Required to comply with the policy 
  • Everyone within the Guilford College community: Should be aware of its provisions
  • Admissions staff: Responsible for communicating the provisions of this policy to prospective students
  • Student Affairs staff: Responsible for enforcing the provisions of this policy.

The Policy:  

Guilford College requires all traditional students to live on campus, except those excluded from this residential requirement. Exceptions include: 

  • Students enrolled as Early College or Center for Continuing Education student,
  • Students 23 years or older prior to the start of a semester
  • Students under the age of 16 as of first date of residency
  • Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours during a semester, (registration status will be verified by Residential Education and Housing)
  • Students approved by Residential Education and Housing for an off-campus release (see Off-Campus Release Policy and Application)

The student is required to purchase a meal plan for each term of the contract period, and may only purchase a meal plan for which they are eligible (

Residence halls are officially closed and meal plans are not available during breaks that occur within a term.

Residence halls are officially closed, all students must vacate, and meal plans are not available during periods of time between terms in which students are enrolled.

All such facilities are considered private property reserved for the exclusive use of residents, invited guests, and authorized College personnel.

Any eligible student who wishes to be released from the residential contract and have these fees waived in order to live off-campus, cannot do so without first applying for an off-campus release via the published process and being granted approval, in writing, by Residential Education and Housing. An off-campus release application will not be considered once a

student has occupied a housing assignment during the academic year, unless it can be proven that the student has had a recent, extenuating and significant change(s) in financial, medical, or personal circumstances, and approval is not guaranteed.

Students must sign a binding legal contract with the College in order to be eligible for on-campus residence; the contract outlines the terms, conditions and related fees.

Roles and Responsibilities: Housing Operations Coordinator, Founders Hall 210D, 336.316.2105, Curtis Arena, 

Compliance:  Students who do not receive an on-campus housing waiver will be charged for a room in the residence hall.

Other related Policies, Regulations, Statutes and Documents: Off-Campus Release Policy and Application


Approval Authority: College President

Responsible Office: Dean of Students

Revision History: Updated in the Residential Contract 2017-18