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May 30, 2024

Not Everyone is Benefiting from the Strong Economy. Guilford Dialogues Explores Economic Inclusion.

Business leaders, policymakers and local residents will discuss strategies for everyone to grow and maintain wealth in the College's third annual Dialogues June 6-7.

Guilford College will return to a familiar theme of economic inclusion at the third annual Guilford Dialogues June 6-7. Researchers, practitioners and policy makers from across the country along with local residents will take part in a series of conversations at the College exploring strategies to foster inclusion, and where everyone can learn from one another.

Unemployment is low nationwide and most indicators show a strong economy, but not everyone is benefiting from the news. An inclusive economy allows everyone to earn a living wage – perhaps even start and grow a business – and still be able to put aside savings for their families, demonstrate resilience in the face of unexpected shocks, plan for retirement and play an active role in shaping their own future and the future of generations to come.

“An inclusive economy is more than just creating and maintaining jobs,” says President Kyle Farmbry. “It’s about providing every person with the opportunity to build, maintain, and pass on wealth.”

Kyle says Guilford Dialogues and the College are the perfect forum for these conversations. “Guilford is not just a place where great ideas germinate. It’s a place where people can come, learn, take action in Greensboro and beyond and bring about meaningful change.”

Speakers at Guilford Dialogues will emphasize the importance and value in entrepreneurship by illustrating ways entrepreneurs create a positive impact for the Triad. They’ll also examine other factors that build economic inclusion such as workforce in economic development, aging, affordable housing and the role colleges and universities can play in bridging the gap.

The Dialogues’ keynote speaker on June 6 is renowned Harvard University economist Raj Chetty, who has studied equality of opportunity in the United States, and will share his thoughts on economic inclusion. His 7 pm presentation on campus is open to the public, and tickets are available on the Dialogues registration page.

Attendance to Guilford Dialogues is being capped at between 150 and 200 to promote more discussions and less lectures, says Kyle. Interested attendees can register here through June 5.