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April 17, 2024

Timothy Kircher presents talks on Renaissance letters

Timothy Kircher, H. Curt ’56 and Patricia S. ’57 Hege Professor of History, recently gave two talks on 15 th -century Renaissance letters to different audiences. On March 13, Tim presented “ Writing Letters in the Renaissance: Humanist Care and Culture ” online as part of the Work-in-Progress series of the London Warburg Library. On March 21, he presented “Suffering and Comfort in the Letters of Laura Cereta” as part of a panel he co-organized at the annual Renaissance Society of America meeting in Chicago. Both papers showcased aspects of Tim’s current research project that examines exchanges of letters among 15 th -C. writers. Tim also serves on the Board of Directors of the Renaissance Society in the capacity as Chair of Associate Organizations and International Cooperation.

Photo of Tim Kircher wearing a scarf and jacket.