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February 14, 2022

Health and Safety Task Force Update: Feb. 10, 2022

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Following is our weekly update for the spring 2022 semester. We will continue to share updates each Thursday as a way of ensuring regular and trusted communication on important topics related to the College’s operations related to Covid-19. In this update, you will find:
  1. Update on testing and testing registration link
  2. Booster requirement and Vaccine Clinic 
  3. What to do if you test positive for COVID-19?
  4. Guidance on masking, isolation and quarantine
  5. Question of the Week: I have had Covid, so why do I still need to get the Vaccine/Booster since I have natural immunity?
  6. Regular and relevant data to understand the health of our community
  7. Information on the next testing and vaccination opportunities on and off campus
  8. Information on important phasing and planning related to activities across campus
Update on Testing

Comprehensive reports continue to be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. Out of 43 tests administered on Feb. 8, there were three positives, which is 7 percent. 

We will continue required weekly testing for those with religious and medical exemptions. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or feels they may have been exposed should also get tested. Also, anyone is welcome to get tested if they desire. Rapid testing is available through Student Health ( or Public Safety (336-316-2909). If conditions warrant, we will also conduct rapid testing on a pop-up basis.

Starmed Testing Registration Link: 
For future on-campus testing clinics, please note that we now have a registration link that is for the exclusive use of Guilford College. To register for a testing session, use this link. This link typically becomes active about 24 hours before testing, so you won’t be able to pre-register multiple days early.

Rapid testing is available for anyone who is experiencing any COVID-like symptoms. Contact or Public Safety (336-316-2909) for more information.

Booster Requirement and Vaccine Clinics

We are now mandating that anyone who is eligible receive and report a COVID-19 booster shot by Tuesday, Feb. 15.  An email outlining the process for submitting your proof of vaccination was distributed to students, faculty, and staff on Jan. 25.
A booster clinic for the campus community was held on Feb. 8 where 31 boosters were administered. 
Next Vaccination/Booster Clinic: 
If it has been more than five months since your second Pfizer or Moderna shot you are eligible for the booster. If you had the J/J vaccine more than two months ago, you are eligible to get either a Pfizer or Moderna booster. A vaccine booster clinic will be held on Tuesday, Feb.15, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You need to bring your vaccine card. There is no charge for the booster. Your booster is waiting for you!

What to Do if You Test Positive for COVID-19

If you are a student and you test positive for COVID-19, depending on the severity of your symptoms you will most likely be able to stay in your room for the duration of your quarantine or isolation period. You will not need to move to another location. (See this flowchart for students.) Your best course of action is to call the COVID hotline at 336.316.2319 to report your positive test result and isolate while you await follow-up contact. Individuals in quarantine/isolation may be able to leave their rooms to grab to-go food. (Instructions will be provided by the hotline.)

If you are an employee and you test positive for COVID-19, you should alert your supervisor immediately and also begin isolating yourself according to this flowchart for employees

The shortened periods of quarantine and isolation per the CDC and Guilford County Health Department guidelines, the lack of severe symptoms from those who have tested positive, and the overall vaccination level of campus allows us to make this change within our protocols.

Guidance on Masking, Isolation, and Quarantine

The College continues to mandate mask wearing indoors until further notice. We encourage members of the community to wear KN95 (most preferable) or surgical-type disposable masks rather than single-layer fabric masks. If you do not have an N95 mask and would like one, please stop by the Student Health office or email
Again, please make note of our quarantine and isolation protocols, as described in this flowchart for students and this flowchart for employees. We have adopted CDC recommendations that take into consideration an individual's vaccination status (fully vaccinated, under vaccinated, and unvaccinated), exposure vs. testing positive, and symptom levels.  

Question of the Week

Question: I have had Covid, so why do I still need to get the Vaccine/Booster since I have natural immunity? 

Getting sick with COVID-19 does offer some protection from future illness with COVID-19, sometimes called “natural immunity.” The level of protection people get from having COVID-19 may vary depending on how mild or severe their illness was, the time since their infection, and their age; and no currently available test can reliably determine if you are protected after a COVID-19 infection.  

COVID-19 vaccinations cause a more predictable immune response than infection with the virus. The vaccines give most people a high level of protection and can provide added protection for anyone who has already had it. In addition, people who are vaccinated are far less likely to experience severe symptoms. 
In our consultation with Guilford County Health Department and Moses Cone, both strongly indicated to us that natural immunity does not suffice for the booster shot. 
Be a role model. Get your booster and submit your vaccination card. Wear your mask at all times when indoors, practice social distancing, and encourage others to do the same!

The Guilford College Health and Safety Task Force

Kim Berry and Steve Mencarini, co-chairs
Janet Gould
Suzanne Bartels
Savannah Henry
Maya Chevalier
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Reacie Daniel

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Ryann Fowler
Michele Malotky
Susan Smith

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