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Globally Engaged Citizens

Guilford College believes in the value of study abroad experiences during which an international location becomes a hands-on learning laboratory for deep academic and cultural exploration. With one of the most creative and immersive programs in the country, the study abroad program at Guilford College is something we encourage every student to do.

Living in a 12th-century castle in Brunnenburg, staying with students from several other foreign countries in South Africa, or doing marine research off the Austrailian coasts — study abroad is so much more than just taking classes in another country. Graduate schools and employers increasingly seek candidates with international experiences and abilities tailored to our global community — this includes an understanding of languages, cultures, foreign policies and global trends.

The Guilford College Study Abroad Office works to prepare students to be engaged global citizens that embody a unique set of skills and abilities, making them successful members in the globalized and technological society of the 21st century.

Find the Right Fit

Our Study Abroad Office works with you one-on-one to find the perfect program that matches your academic goals, budget and personal interests.

Affordable Options

Many of our programs are priced the same as your regular semester at Guilford and accept your financial aid. There are also scholarships available to help make things more affordable for you.

Plan Your Experience

All Guilford students are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities and you can go anytime except your first and last semesters. The Study Abroad Office can help you plan ahead to make the most of your experience.

Beyond Friendly

A student-authored Study Abroad blog

Let students tell you in their own words what it's like to study abroad at Guilford! This student-authored blog, Beyond Friendly, will give you insight into where Guilfordians can go, what they do abroad, and what they take away from the experience. 

Top Marks

The 25 Best Study Abroad Programs list, published by College Rank website, highlights Guilford’s Brunnenburg Semester and other opportunities for Guilford students to study abroad.

A Career for the Birds

Ask Meredith Hudson ’17 what three words define her Guilford College experience and she might say, adventure, inspiration and connection.

Service Hits Home

Khadija Carr ’15 made a memorable impact during her four years at Guilford College, including studying abroad in El Salvador and serving as a Multicultural Leadership Scholar and Principled Problem Solving Scholar.

Finding the Write Calling

When you ask Abe Kenmore ’17 about his most meaningful experiences at Guilford College, he quickly says, “There are too many to count!” And when he starts naming them off, it’s clear that’s the case.

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Daniel Diaz

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Robbie Van Pelt

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