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Political Science Department

International Political Economy


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Changing World Politics

The International Political Economy minor encourages students to explore the interplay of economics and politics in the global arena.

Students learn the complexities of global finance, production and trade, and they can explain the patterns of capital accumulation on a world scale. They can also clarify the connections between state-making, international markets and world development.

Students also become familiar with the tools of economic analysis: how to read a balance of payments table; how to analyze a foreign exchange market; and how to evaluate the impact of international capital flows on domestic policy.

The Political Science Department gives students a strong foundation for pursuing careers as labor organizers, city planners, congressional staff members, business consultants and policy specialists in government, to name a few.

The department also prepares students for professional and graduate programs in law, political science and public policy and administration. Recent graduates have been accepted to the most competitive programs in these fields in both the United States and abroad, including the Ph.D. program at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

College Catalog

For more information about courses for the Political Science Department, visit the online, searchable College Catalog. In addition to the Undergraduate Catalog, information includes academic department and major information as well as academic regulations and resources; admission standards and requirements; and tuition, fees and financial aid information.

Hands-on Learning

Guilford Political Science majors have performed politics-related internships at the following:

  • Greenpeace Office in San Francisco
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Mayor’s Office, London
  • AFL-CIO Union Summer
  • Izar Capital, Washington, D.C.