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Integrative Studies Department

Integrative Studies

A.B., Major

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Create Your Own Major

Are you self-directed and deeply invested in your education? Do you have unique life goals? If so, the Integrative Studies major may be right for you. This major emphasizes the unique benefit of a highly customized program that focuses on what matters most to you and your aspirations.

Designing your own course of study may require significantly more effort than ordering from the menu, but it’s worth exploring with your adviser. Keep in mind that you’ll need to plan a coherent field of study, and your proposal may require revision. Also, you’ll want to avoid a plan that can be accomplished with existing majors and minors.

The Integrative Studies major consists of 12 courses or 48 semester hours with at least 24 hours in advanced courses. Once you are accepted as a major, a cumulative GPA of 3.25 is required. In your final two semesters, you’ll complete a culminating project, which you’ll submit for approval during the third week in the your next to last semester.

College Catalog

For more information about courses for the Integrative Studies Department, visit the online, searchable College Catalog. In addition to the Undergraduate Catalog, information includes academic department and major information as well as academic regulations and resources; admission standards and requirements; and tuition, fees and financial aid information.