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Four Years, One Price, Zero Worries

The 4-1-0 Advantage

Guilford’s goal is to provide accessible and affordable excellence that gives you an exceptional and lasting return on your investment in a college education. 

Our 4-1-0 tuition advantage gives you financial peace of mind as you pursue your degree. It works like this:

  • When you are accepted at Guilford, you lock in tuition. 
  • For the next four years, we guarantee your tuition WILL NOT INCREASE!
  • By knowing what lies ahead, you can build a financial plan with confidence and focus on learning, not finances.

An Education Without Limits

At Guilford, you’ll experience a transformational and practical education. Every student benefits from uncommon engagement in real-world learning that’s based on their interests and passions. Opportunities include:

  • Interesting classes and hands-on learning experiences
  • Expert instruction and guidance from professors invested in your success
  • Participation in cutting-edge research
  • Life-shaping internships
  • Participation in a wide range of service projects that make the world a better place
  • Support in developing leadership qualities
  • A variety of study abroad opportunities

You’ll get all of this and more at Guilford’s 350-acre park-like campus, located minutes away from big city opportunities in vibrant Greensboro, North Carolina.

Four years, one price, zero worries, and a degree that gives you exceptional preparation for wherever your passions take you – whether it’s a fulfilling career or attending graduate school.

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