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As a service to students who have completed the financial aid process and are awaiting the arrival of their aid, Guilford offers eligible students the opportunity to use a portion, up to $450, of their financial aid funds as an advance to buy books and supplies from the Guilford College Bookstore using their Quaker Card.
The bookstore credit is an early refund of financial aid funds (e.g. the Pell grant or Federal Direct loan or Parent Plus loan) in excess of the balance due for tuition, fees, room and board if applicable, and any other required charges by Guilford College. Your bookstore credit is deducted from your grants and loans. It is not a separate or additional type of financial aid.

If a student chooses not to buy their books with this credit, no action is necessary and the full amount of the scheduled refund will be processed according to what you have specified in TouchNet.

NOTE: If the student does not enroll in the upcoming semester, or otherwise becomes ineligible for all or part of their financial aid package, the student will be responsible for repaying the amount of anticipated aid used to purchase text books.


How do I know if I am an “eligible student”?

To be eligible for the Bookstore Credit the student must:

What is the Bookstore Credit?

A portion of financial aid funds in excess of Guilford charges that can be applied to a student’s Quaker Card to be used in the Guilford College bookstore to purchase books.

What is the amount of the credit?

Maximum amount up to $450 per semester; dollar amount can be greater if a statement from the bookstore is uploaded (click on ADD FILE on the bookstore credit form) along with the request and funds are available from your financial aid.

When can I request the credit?

The credit is available to be requested up to 2 weeks prior to the start the semester and 1 week after the start of the first day of the semester.

How do I request the credit?

Click on this link to visit the Registrar and Student Accounts page. About 3/4 of the way down the page under Account Services, click on the first link “Bookstore Credit Request”. Complete and submit online.

What happens if I have credit left over on my Quaker Card after my purchase?

Funds placed on your Quaker Card will remain available for use until you graduate or withdraw.  If you prefer to have the remainder of your credit returned to your student account to be refunded via your refund selection method, please sent an email to for assistance. 

What if I don’t want to purchase my books at the Guilford College Bookstore?

This credit is only good for books purchased at the Guilford College Bookstore.  You may purchase books from anywhere you choose but there is no advance available for outside purchases.

What if I do not have financial aid in excess of my tuition and fees but I need this credit?

You may speak to your Financial Aid counselor about the possibility/advisability of increasing your financial aid to provide money for a bookstore credit. Call 336.316.2354 to be directed to your Financial Aid Counselor.