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Justice and Policy Studies Department

Community and Justice Studies

B.S., Major

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Join the Quest for Justice

Are you on fire for creating justice? As a Community and Justice Studies major you’ll study the development of just and humane social systems while discovering how to change lives as you gain hands-on experience with today's toughest issues.

One of the most powerful opportunities is the Participatory Action Research project conducted by our students as part of a local restorative justice initiative. Students engaged with residents, city officials and police offers as they dialogued and developed action plans to create healthier communities where everyone feels safe and respected.

Students in this program collaborate with core community partners in real-world problem solving that offers illuminating insights about public service organizations, civic activism and strategies for changing organizations from the inside.

The program emphasizes community-based teaching and learning and collaboration with core community partners and other academic departments to understand public service organizations, problem-solving, civic activism and strategies for changing organizations from the inside.

Graduates have pursued careers and graduate study in urban affairs, public administration, law, social work, education and related vocations. Others have built rewarding careers in community organizing and with nonprofit organizations, focusing on mediation and conflict transformation, legal representation and advocacy for the LGBTQ community, immigration, homelessness, poverty and other social concerns.

College Catalog

For more information about courses for the Community and Justice Studies major and Justice and Policy Studies Department, visit the online, searchable College Catalog. In addition to the Undergraduate Catalog, information includes academic department and major information as well as academic regulations and resources; admission standards and requirements; and tuition, fees and financial aid information.

Hands-on Learning

Community and Justice Studies majors have jump-started their careers with internships at the following:

  • Greensboro Interactive Resource Center
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
  • Beloved Community Center
  • Family Life Council
  • Weaver House Shelter
  • N.C. Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention