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Student compliance with the Alcohol and Other Drugs policy falls under the Student Code of Conduct: Rights and Responsibilities (learn more about Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook). The Associate Dean of Students is designated by the College’s President to be responsible for the administration of student conduct. The Associate Dean of Students, in consultation with students, faculty, and staff, shall develop policies for the administration of campus discipline. The Guilford Student Body Association, along with several additional faculty and staff members, will normally review the policies and procedures and recommend changes to the Associate Dean of Students. 

Additionally, the Health Outreach Coordinator (housed in the Counseling Center), in collaboration with other campus representatives, shall conduct a biennial review of the College’s AOD programs and policies. This review shall be a written report that includes 1) a determination that policies and applicable disciplinary sanctions are being followed consistently and effectively and 2) recommendations to enhance policies, programming and programming effectiveness to ensure compliance with the The Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations Act. 
Additional details about the biennial review process can be obtained from the Health Outreach Coordinator or the Director of Financial Aid. The biennial review reports can be found by clicking on the Biennial Reviews tab.