Your African Adventure Awaits

Study in an exotic African land. Learn about African writers, French-speaking nations, African governments, the anthropology of slavery, Africa in film — and so much more — as an African Studies minor. You’ll enjoy an interdisciplinary education on the cultures, history and current issues challenging peoples on the African continent, with emphasis on the sub-Saharan region. Acquire a basic understanding of a portion of Africa’s history and African perspectives, values and contributions to the world as you discover a deeper understanding of your own culture and global interdependence in the 21st century.

International Studies majors fulfill a requirement by studying abroad.

Major/minor requirements and course descriptions are available in the online version of the Guilford College Catalog. Use the keyboard shortcuts Control F for PC or Command F for Mac to search the document for your program.

Hands-on Learning

International Studies students have performed internships at the following:

  • The Washington Center
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • N.C. Justice Center