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International Student Financing

Financing College in the U.S.

Guilford is dedicated to helping international students achieve their education goals. However, since Guilford cannot offer aid to cover all expenses, you should be prepared to pay a part, if not all, of your costs to attend. We strongly recommend you search for external sources of financial aid. The following are meant to help you in the search.

Academic Scholarships

Admitted students are eligible for merit scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 (U.S.). The specific amounts are based on academic achievements, the strength of the student's curriculum, meaningful activities outside of the classroom and information provided in the the student's essay and letters of recommendation. There is a priority application deadline of February 1 for students interested in scholarships.

Recommended Sites for International Student Aid

Working on Campus

Enrolled students are eligible to work on campus to earn money toward expenses. These funds cannot be applied to your school tuition and fees.