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Satisfactory Academic Progress [2018-19 Catalog Excerpt]


Satisfactory academic progress is based on meeting academic checkpoints based on minimum cumulative GPA requirements and credit hours completed. In order to progress each semester at Guilford College, students must meet the academic checkpoints outlined below:

Note: The following checkpoints are representative of satisfactory academic progress for full-time students enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits in the fall or spring semester. Part-time students enrolled in less than 12 credits are only responsible for the meeting the cumulative GPA requirements. If a part-time student becomes full-time in either the fall or spring semester, both the GPA and credit hours requirements will apply based on the number of credits earned at the beginning of the semester.

Note: New students entering with transfer credit accepted by Guilford College must meet the corresponding checkpoint based on the number of credits earned.



Students who miss a checkpoint once are granted a support semester to complete the minimum requirements for that checkpoint to maintain satisfactory academic progress. If a student does not meet the minimum requirements for the missed checkpoint twice, that student is ineligible to return for the subsequent semester. Students may elect to register for summer courses to improve their cumulative GPAs and to take additional credits. However, summer coursework does not impact a student’s academic status.

Note: Summer coursework does not affect the academic status of a veteran and/or dependent of a veteran. However, summer courses may impact VA educational benefits for veterans and dependents of veterans - see section on “Veterans.”

To be reinstated after the conclusion of the semester in which a student is ineligible to return, students must reapply and be readmitted to the College following the guidelines in the Student Handbook. Applications for readmission are available on the Guilford College Admissions Web page and are referred to an associate academic dean.

To avoid further separation from College after readmission, readmitted students must meet the requirements of the missed academic checkpoint at the conclusion of the semester.


Excerpt from Guilford College Catalog 2018-19 page 207

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