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Parag K Budhecha portrait
Provost's Office

Parag Parker

Visiting Assistant Professor for English and Writing Director


+1 (336) 3162118


Parag Budhecha, Writing Program Director since 2011, joined the Guilford College faculty in 2009. Parag manages and teaches in the First-Year Writing Program—which includes English 101, English 102, and Historical Perspectives—and supports the campus faculty in reading and writing instruction. She also regularly teaches first year seminars, often co-teaching with Professor Chad Phillips.

Parag has recently designed and implemented an Informed Self-Placement model at Guilford, whereby incoming students are guided through the process of selecting the first-year writing course that best meets their needs. In addition to writing placement research, her interests include inclusive and equitable teaching pedagogy, and curriculum and course design.

Prior to Guilford, Parag was a Postdoc fellow at Duke University’s Thompson Writing Program, and before that, taught for one year in the English Department at UNC-G. 


Miami University of Ohio., Ph.D.,
Rhetoric and Composition