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Rental of College Facilities

The facilities of Guilford College exist primarily for use by the College’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and invited guests. College facilities may periodically be rented to outside groups, under specific circumstances.  

Purpose/Reason for Policy: To address the use of College facilities/space by College-sponsored groups/organizations, as well as the potential use and rental of College facilities /space to outside groups.

Scope/Covered Persons: This policy applies to all College-owned facilities.


College facilities: Any room, building, structure, operation, property, street, parking lot, park or green space that is owned and maintained by Guilford College. 

The Policy: College facilities may be rented to community groups or institutions for special events, provided the intended activity of these groups is consistent with the fundamental testimonies of Guilford College and the Society of Friends. Among these testimonies are concerns for the peaceful resolution of conflict, the integrity of individuals and the common humanity of all persons, equal opportunity for women as well as men, and justice and equality among the races and nations of the world. An manifestation of these testimonies is that the College will not rent its facilities to groups whose philosophies or activities discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or national and ethnic origin, or denigrate the full respect of individuals.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • The Conferences and Events Coordinator: Responsible for determining whether requesting groups meet the criteria specified in this policy and for coordinating those rental agreements.  
  • Vice President for Administration and Finance: Responsible for making the final determination of outside group eligibility for rental of College facilities in cases where there is uncertainty in the interpretation of these principles.

Compliance: Outside groups who violate these provisions, or any provision of their rental agreement with Guilford College, will not be allowed to utilize and/or rent facilities from the College in the future. 

Other related Policies, Regulations, Statutes and Documents: [need to add provisions for Summer Camps into this policy]

Approval Authority: The Guilford College President

Responsible Office: John Garrison, Conferences & Events Coordinator, Physical Plant, 336-316-2109, 

Revision History: Updated in the Employee Handbook revision of 2018