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Receipt of Legal Documents

The director of Public Safety is the only individual on the Guilford College campus authorized by the College to determine whether legal documents being presented to the College can be received, and under what conditions. 

Purpose/Reason for Policy: To provide guidance to faculty, staff and students about what to do if they are asked to accept legal documents on behalf of the College.

Scope/Covered Persons: All members of the Guilford College Community

Definitions: Legal Documents — summons, subpoenas, search warrants or other court orders

The Policy: Faculty, staff and students are not authorized to accept hand-delivery of summons, subpoena, search warrant or other court order from law enforcement officials without the consent of the director of Public Safety.  If consent is provided by the director, individuals receiving legal documents should require official identification, including a photograph, from the Law enforcement officials serving the legal documents.  

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • The director of Public Safety: Serves as the authorized individual on campus to determine if legal documents can be received, [2]  serves as the authorized receiver of documents, and [3] informs the office of the President and the Counsel of the College if legal documents are presented and/or received.
  • Faculty, staff and students: Notify the Director of Public Safety immediately when presented with legal documents.
  • Administrators/Department Chairs/Managers/Supervisors: Inform employees within their areas of responsibility of their responsibilities with regard to this policy.

Compliance: Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Approval Authority: The Guilford College President

Responsible Office: Public Safety, Bauman L010C, 336.316.2907,

Revision History: Approved by Senior Team/President's Cabinet, November 2017