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Parking on Campus

Guilford College provides parking accommodations on the Guilford Campus for vehicles of faculty, staff, students and visitors who comply with the provisions of this policy. 

Purpose/Reason for Policy: To outline provisions for accommodating and safeguarding faculty, staff, student and visitor vehicles on campus. 

Scope/Covered Persons: The Guilford College Community and visitors

Are you trying to register a vehicle?  Click HERE.

The Policy:  

All students and employees of the College who choose to bring a motor vehicle onto the campus are responsible for obtaining and displaying a parking permit and adhering to the provisions outlined in this policy. Traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day throughout the calendar year, including all breaks, holidays and summer months, whether or not classes are in session.

  1. All Guilford College employees and students must obtain and properly display a current parking permit for their vehicles [including bicycles, motorcycles and scooters] while parked on the campus. A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a reserved space, only the opportunity to park within a specified area. Lack of space is not a valid excuse for illegal parking.
  2. A permit may only be affixed to the vehicle to which it is assigned. Permits are not transferable. Should there be a change in vehicle or license plates, public safety should be contacted to update the vehicle information. Failure to do so may result in an unregistered vehicle citation.
  3. Temporary permits are available from the Department of Public Safety free of charge. A note affixed to the vehicle is not accepted as a temporary decal.
  4. Spaces designated “handicapped” are for vehicles properly displaying an official handicapped-parking permit/hang tag by the Department of Motor Vehicles. A Guilford College parking permit is also required to park in handicap spaces. Vehicles without a handicapped-parking permit are not allowed in handicapped spaces.
  5. Vehicles are not allowed to park in fire lanes, loading zones, driving portion of road, sidewalks, in front of (or blocking) dumpsters, grassy areas, lake area, athletic fields and any other space not designated for parking. The loading zone behind Mary Hobbs may only be used for a maximum of 15 minutes and vehicles may not block the dumpsters or interfere with the flow of traffic. Any violation of these restrictions may result in the vehicle being towed.
  6. Vehicle repairs that create an obstruction or nuisance are not permitted on campus. Any property damage caused by the making of any repairs is the responsibility of the person making such repairs.
  7. Any person experiencing difficulty with a vehicle that is disabled or malfunctioning must notify Public Safety at the time of the problem. The party calling may be required to furnish proof that the vehicle is actually disabled. Notes affixed to the vehicle do not constitute acceptable notice.
  8. Written permission from the Director of Public Safety must be obtained before parking trailers or mobile campers on campus property.
  9. The speed limit on any Guilford College roadway or parking area is 20 miles per hour.
  10. Public Safety officers are not empowered to void a written citation.
  11. Visitor spaces are not to be used by faculty, staff, or students for any reason.
  12. Residential and Commuter Students may ONLY park in lots or spaces assigned to their permits.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • The Director of Public Safety: Responsible for administering this policy and determining conditions under which a vehicle should be towed and or immobilized.
  • Faculty, staff and students: Responsible for registering all vehicles and complying with all parking and traffic regulations.


  • Vehicles may be towed or immobilized with a vehicle boot for violation of certain parking and traffic violations outlined in the parking procedures. 
  • Bicycles, scooters, or motorcycles found on campus without a registration sticker or bicycles that are not secured to approved bicycle racks may be confiscated by Public Safety. 
  • Failure to comply with parking and traffic policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  


Also, visit the Office of Public Safety for specifics regarding parking permits, fines, and appeals. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section entitled, “Faculty, Staff and Student Parking.”

Approval Authority: Guilford College President

Responsible Office: Public Safety, 818 Quadrangle Drive, 336.316.2908,

Revision History: August 2023 Updated by Office of Public Safety