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Guilford College Workday Journey

HR, Finance, and Payroll Implementation Timeline

Image shows a timeline of Guilford's Workday implementation.

Workday Is Coming Soon

Guilford College will begin to use Workday for finance, human resources, and payroll beginning in July 2023. The Change Management Team will help the Guilford community become prepared and equipped to transition smoothly to the new system. This webpage will serve as the central portal for updates and resources for the project. The goal is to be transparent and communicative throughout the project.
Image that reads, What is workday?

Workday is a cloud-based enterprise management solution which will help modernize digital operations in the areas of finance, human resources and payroll. Workday will replace the current Banner ERP system for those areas.

Image reads, What Will Change?

Guilford College faculty and staff will be impacted in their use of finance, human resources and payroll information systems when Workday goes live in July 2023. The degree of change will vary by department and role. Workday change management efforts will include communications, training, and more to keep you informed and prepared. Workday is expected to replace Banner Finance, Banner HR, Payroll, and other legacy systems and workflows identified throughout the project.

Image reads, What Will Not Change?

Workday will not replace Banner Student at this time. Workday Student is currently under review to determine whether it will replace Banner Student in the future.

Image reads, Why Workday?

Implementing Workday will advance one of the key areas of focus of the financial responsibility component of our strategic plan that is being developed: modernizing enterprise solutions. Workday will enable the organization to perform more effectively and provide improved user experience and data analytics. It will also address the following challenges with the current enterprise management system:

  • Usability
  • Organizational agility
  • Financial cost
  • Technology simplification
  • Innovation
Image reads, Change Management.

Guilford is not only launching a new ERP but is changing the way it goes about the business of Finance and Human Resources. Adapting to this change is the key to success for everyone at the College. Change management is a creative process that integrates people and processes with the new system so that they can engage, adopt, and use the change.