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November 17, 2023

Nick Opie '26 Enjoys his Second Family at Guilford

Guilford students and faculty made Nick's transition from high school to college easy. "Everyone feels like family," he says. 

“I love how small the campus is. Everyone feels like family. It really feels like not only do the professors care, but everyone cares.”

Nick Opie '26
Religious Studies

His driver’s license and family will tell you he’s from Cornelius, N.C., a lake town just north of Charlotte, but Nick Opie ’26 has a different take. 


“I like to just tell people I’m from Greensboro, because this place feels like home to me,” he says.


Nick has made a home for himself – in Greensboro and Guilford College – for more than a year now. He’s a Creative Writing major who sings in the College choir, plays drums in the Guilford jazz band, and serves as a tour guide for high school and transfer students interested in learning more about the College. He’s also part of the Guilford Christian Ministry club.


In other words, Nick stays busy.


Nick loves studying theology and reading his Bible. He’s majoring in Religious Studies and plans to go to seminary one day so that he can become a pastor.  


He says his degree at Guilford will better prepare him for seminary. “I think my religious studies professors will provide me with insight on New Testament studies when it comes to seminary,” he says. 


A bonus to attending Guilford is the amazing people and friendships he’s made at the College in just a short time. 


Leaving Cornelius, a small lake town just outside Charlotte, for Guilford wasn’t such a challenge for Nick, who found a little bit of Cornelius in the College. “I love how small the campus is,” he says. “Everyone feels like family. It really feels like not only do the professors care, but everyone cares.”


Nick’s favorite religious studies professor is Wess Daniels, because, as Nick explains it, Wess offers a unique insight into the New Testament.


“Wess demonstrates what a professor ought to be like,” says Nick, “He’s also very laid back and at the same time cares a lot about his students.”


Nick is a Guilford tour guide. He spends several hours a week giving tours to students who want to learn more about the College. His advice to interested students?


“I like to tell people that when you come to Guilford, be prepared to meet some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your entire life,” he says. “I think some of the nicest people I’ve ever met are at Guilford College.


“I feel like Guilford is a place that really allows me to connect with other people, and that includes professors and students.”

About the Author

Abram Greene ‘25 is pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Religious Studies. He lives in Roxboro, N.C. and loves to read his Bible. He's a member of the Guilford Christian Ministry club and wants to one day either be a poet, poetry editor, or staff writer for a magazine or newspaper.